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Top Ten Articles for March Quarter 2018, and other news…

Startup News
Startup News

Startup News started 2018 with a bang, and one of its first published articles in 5 months became the most read for the quarter…

They say a break is as good as a slap to the face, and so it proved with Startup News making a strong comeback in 2018, after a nice 5 month lie down in a darkened room thinking pleasant thoughts.

Way back at the end of January, we published one of our first articles for the year, telling the story of Idle Australia‘s first year in business (a construction equipment sharing business), and this attracted more views than any article in more than 2 years.

Out of 45 articles published during Jan-Mar 2018, the top 10 were:

  1. No Idle progress … 23rd Jan ~ the first year of Dylan’s Idle Australia startup
  2. State Govt $20 innovation vouchers …  27 Feb ~ State government funding
  3. Harvest agtech accelerator… 23 Feb ~ announcement of 2018 cohort
  4. Cellr launch … 30 Jan ~ Chris’s FI graduating wine stock startup
  5. Student Edge 1 million members … 15 Mar ~ Jeremy & Craig’s startup story
  6. WA’s recent AC grant wins … 13 Feb ~ Indicina get $590K and Tokn $225K
  7. Unearthed turns 5 … 20 Mar ~ Zane & Justin’s idea is now 5 years and counting
  8. What’s Andy Lamb up to? … 1 Mar ~ Andy’s up to quite a lot as it turns out
  9. Definitiv raises 7-figures … 22 Mar ~ payroll software business has Singaporean partner
  10. Fooduction looks to cut food waste … 20 Feb ~ Viral and Roopika’s social enterprise

What’s interesting about these are they are mainly about really interesting WA startups, or fund raising of one kind or another.

Also, the most read article of Jan-Mar 2017 (a year ago) would have only just snuck into the Q1 2018 top ten list in 10th position. All these stories attracted serious readership, and the top ones were well shared and commented on through various social media channels.

Remember to share the articles everywhere (‘make hay while the sun shines’), as it also helps spread the Startup News service to others. No paywalls at //SN, it’s free for everyone, for all time. So share and enjoy.

Wanna be featured, here’s how…?

We’re doing this publishing thing on top of our day jobs, in spare time, and it makes our task WAY easier if you send us a well written press release or story, with some good quality photos (at least 1500 pixels wide, landscape format).

Send your news stories through to [email protected]  (and any events for our newly launched Events Calendar to [email protected])

Traffic Report

It was also encouraging to see that //SN’s traffic (on all measures) UP compared to the same time last year:

  • Unique Users were UP 89% on Jan-Mar 2017
  • Sessions  UP 100% 
  • Page Views UP 53%

Show me the Money!

PLUS, it was wonderful to have some willing sponsors on board, who are just wonderful. We’ve already accounted for more revenue in 2018 than any year previously, in fact, in all the 4 previous years put together. This means we can cover all running costs of the business, and will be able to pay uni journos to write some stories, relieving the pressure on the rest of us.

Plans for the next Quarter?

Well, we’ll be looking to get a Startup News podcast up and running – we’ll be looking for willing founders and cofounders to come forward, be interviewed, and tell our audience about what you’re doing, your struggles, your breakthroughs, your dreams… contact us if you’d like to be featured.

It’s also lovely to get feedback from our audience. Everywhere we go, we hear from people who are glad to see us back, so it’s nice to know there’s an appreciative audience out there. Anything else you think we can do for the WA startup community, please let us know.

Keep on keeping on folks…


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