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A mission to train 100,000 women to code: Kate Kirwin {VIDEO}

// Kate Kirwin from SheCodes is interviewed on Untitled Perth video series.

Building a global community with Emma Jakobi {Video}

// In the second of a series of video interviews, Untitled Perth talks with various startup community folks; this time, Emma Jakobi from Hey Lady.

One cube at a time: Brodie McCulloch {VIDEO}

// In the first of a series of video interviews, Untitled Perth talks with various startup community folks. In the first one, Brodie McCulloch.

David Gribble recognised as global business innovator

// An Interview with David Gribble, CEO of Constable Care Foundation.

Fitfam Findr becomes Fitafy, raises $430K

// It might have started as a light-hearted joke but the idea of harnessing your community to help solve a problem shows what is possible in a small amount of time.

As JobKeeper is reduced, startups look to the future

// With the initial 6 months of JobKeeper payments set to end next week for many, or be reduced, we asked local startups what effects this could have on them and their sectors …

Art Hide’s supply chain: interview with Kura Perkins

// Art Hide produces and sells custom rugs globally. Founder Kura Perkins shares how they manage their supply chain during Covid.

GO1 provides 70,000 online courses free for WA

// We talk with the co-founder of workplace training company GO1, Vu Tran ...

West Tech Fest is Back for 2019

// We speak with one of WTF's founders - Rohan McDougall - about West Tech Fest's beginnings, and how to make the most of the week.

How to scale up your startup: interview with Shana Dressler

// EXCLUSIVE! Former Google 30 Weeks director and NYC-based Shana Dressler spoke with Startup News about scaling up...

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