WA’s startup ecosystem

Welcome to the central database displaying details of WA’s vibrant tech/startup ecosystem and support structure. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. And so it takes many elements to build a local startup sector…

  • WA’s startup ecosystem includes 140+ co-working spaces, incubator programs, communities, recurring events, advocacy and investor groups, that predominantly or exclusively work with WA-based startups.
  • The map below shows their distribution, and the pie chart the various categories.
  • Below these, the Airtable displays basic information on the list which you can expand, filter and sort.
  • Information is for interest and information only (not for spamming purposes!)
WA Startup Ecosystem Map and (insert) by category, (c) Startup News 2021.
WA Startup Ecosystem Map and (insert) by category

WA’s startup ecosystem (Airtable Display)

(c) Startup News, 2021

If your organisation is based in WA and is a co-working community, structured program, recurring event, investment or advocacy group mainly aimed at local startups – NOT just selling services TO startups – please submit or update your details.

This is a filtered database (there is much more information in the back-end, not for display). We’ve also created a view that only shows the co-working spaces.


Startup News would like to acknowledge the amazing behind the scenes work of Andrew Outhwaite to get this database up and running.

Sterling work Andrew!

This information is for interest only, and not to be re-published or re-purposed without written permission from Startup News. Accurate, as far as we can tell, at the time of publication, however we do not make any warranty as to the accuracy of the information presented. If you see anything that needs updating, feel free to contact us or use the special update form.