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'Startup West' Podcast

74. Startup West podcast: Angie Keeler, Zella DC

// Angie Keeler's Zella DC provides mobile data centres in harsh environments all over the world...

73. Startup West podcast: Mihailo Bozic, Envited

// With a $350K pre-seed round closed, Mihailo Bozic is about to launch his 'Facebook events without Facebook' platform...

72. Startup West podcast: James Flanagan, HoverIT

// From the west coast of Ireland to the west coast of Australia, comes James Flanagan and his newly launched startup, HoverIT

71. Startup West podcast: Annie Brox, Origo farm

// Annie Brox tells her story from Norway to WA, and founding Origo farm ...

Startup West podcast 70: Louise Matson, Louise M

// Louise Matson has recently quit flying to concentrate on her corporate women shoe brand, Louise M...

Startup West podcast: Founders’ panel (live)

// Recorded live on stage at the recent Freo Startup Fest: 'the launch, the raise and the exit'...

Startup West podcast 68: Katie Liew, The Underground Collaborative

// Startup West talks with Katie Liew, founder of a social enterprise looking to break the cycles of homelessness

Startup West podcast 67: Doug Fitch, Agworld

// Doug Fitch shares the 11-year Agworld story to date, including a $100M sale earlier this year

Startup West podcast 66: Louise + Rob Daw, MiPlan

// Louise and Rob Daw tell the 7-year story of their mining tech startup, MiPlan, from founding, winning clients, hiring, raising and onto exit

Startup West podcast 65: Michael Malone, iiNet

// Michael Malone built up iiNet to a $1B+ business over 20 years

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