Startup News Awards

Since 2018, the annual Startup News Awards has celebrated ‘the most admired‘ people, companies and supporters who are building startups in WA. From 2019, the most read article on Startup News and most listened to Startup West podcast have also been announced.

Votes for the most admired startup company, founder and supporter come in from the community. No nominations. No judging panels. No fees.

2021 Awards

The 2021 awards were announced at Freo Startup Fest on Thurs 9th Dec 2021:

The awards went to:

  • Startup of the Year: Udrew
  • Startup Founder: Claire Orange, Digii Social
  • Startup Supporters: Cullum Ashton and Jeff Leach, Proptech Hub WA
  • Most Read Article: ‘There’s a party and you’re envited‘ (Envited launch story, 20 June 2021)
  • Most Listened to Podcast: Erin Bell, Camp Connect

For more details on all the 2021 finalists and winners, visit this page.

2020 Awards

The 2020 Startup News Awards were announced at Freo Startup Fest on Thurs 3rd Dec 2020:

The awards went to:

  • Startup of the Year: Quipmo
  • Startup Founder: Dr Vanessa Rauland, ClimateClever
  • Startup Supporter: Danelle Cross, Curtin University/Ignition
  • Most Read Article: ‘Fitfam Findr: disrupting dating apps‘ (renamed Fitafy)
  • Most Listened to Podcast: Claire Orange, Digii Social

2019 Awards

  • Startup of the Year: Bruno Health
  • Startup Founder: Tom Young, Udrew
  • Startup Supporter: Brodie McCulloch, Spacecubed
  • Most Read Article: ‘How startup incubators make money‘, Andrew Outhwaite
  • Most Listened to Podcast: Jemma Green, Power Ledger
2019 ‘Most Admired Startup’ – Bruno Health.

2018 Awards

  • Startup of the Year: Appbot
  • Startup Founder: Bernadette Olivier, The Volte
  • Startup Supporter: Nate Sturcke, SOMA
2018 ‘Most Admired Startup’ winners Appbot: co-founders Claire McGregor and Stuart Hall

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Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels.