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Since 2013, Startup News has become the go to place for innovation and startup news and events in Western Australia.

Article Submission

We encourage the community to submit potential articles for Startup News, and welcome your input. Please note though, we do NOT publish press releases, however you are welcome to submit them for review and follow up with our contributors.

We are keen to hear founder stories, articles with lessons or actionable ideas, news about new startups or startup launches, deals and personnel changes in Western Australia. Have a look through some of our previous articles, to get a sense of what we publish.

Articles should be unique (not already published elsewhere) and be at least 300 words long (maybe up to 700 or 1000 max), have benefit to Western Australian startup community and have no typos or grammatical errors.

To submit an article, please read our Editorial Guidelines, prepare your article, along with a minimum of 2 images (that you have license to use!), and submit to < news @ startupnews.com.au >.

Media/Journo Students – write for us and get paid!

We also welcome applications from currently enrolled media, PR or journalism students, who would like to write for us on a regular basis and are based in Perth, WA.

Using money raised from sponsorship, we can pay students per article published. If interested, email us on < news @ startupnews.com.au >.