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Top Ten Articles for June Quarter 2018, and other news…

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Startup News
// It's fair to say that Startup News has been humming along nicely (there'a  clue there, by the way) these past few months, and here we review the top 10 most read articles on the site, and some other things...

It’s fair to say that Startup News has been humming along nicely (there’a  clue there, by the way) these past few months, and here we review the top 10 most read articles on the site, and some other things…

The June quarter saw //SN welcome a few new contributors to our midst, including a couple of journalism uni students, who are gaining all important experience in the changing world of media.

Keane Bourke and Yoshitaa Thadhani are excellent additions to our team, and make the whole Startup News business sustainable.

Also we must give a shout out to the wonderful Beth Caniglia, Ankur Sharda, Jeremy Hurst, Melissa Langdon, Nigel Blythe-Tinker and Stuart Kidd who also posted articles on the site during the past few months. For free. Thanks all!

The top 10 most read articles April-June 2018 were:

  1. Humm Tech move to Silicon Valley  (most read of the year so far)
  2. WAITTA Incite Awards Finalists announced
  3. Tech Sector grows adding 900+ jobs in the city
  4. Perth Lawyers launch tech-enabled fixed fee service
  5. HealthEngine and Swan Systems win big at WAITTA Incite Awards
  6. Toast My Curry proves Indian is anything by Naastie
  7. Tank Stream Labs welcomes its first resident
  8. B2Me launch story
  9. BubDesk wins a national award
  10. Aussie Tech Hub wins top incubator in the world

//SN published 68 articles and stories during the 3 months to June 30th 2018, up from the 45 posted in the first quarter of calendar year 2018.

Humm Tech’s top story was the first in 2018 to break the magic ‘1,000’ page views barrier, almost twice as many views as the 2nd story detailing the finalists of the WAITTA Incite Awards for 2018. The eventual winners of these awards became the 5th most read story.

Awards proved a popular read, with 4 of the top 10 stories being about various programs. 3 others were about startup launches, with the others being about a Sydney coworking space moving to Perth (Tank Stream Labs), some evidence that the tech sector is growing in Perth and the move of Humm to the Valley.

Compared to Q1, traffic to the Startup News site grew significantly from the already positive traffic of the 1st quarter of the year:

  • Unique Users ROSE 32% as compared to Q1
  • New Users +21%
  • Sessions + 36%
  • Page Views + 54%
  • Pages/session + 13%
  • Average Session duration + 32%
  • Bounce rate – 4%

Compared to same period Apr-Jun 2017:

  • Unique Users are UP 138%
  • New Users +135%
  • Sessions + 162%
  • Page Views + 143%

So, it’s all heading in the right direction.

We are ad-free, paywall-free and we will not ask you, our readers, for money.

We get by thanks to the support of our most excellent sponsors ECU The Link, BDO and ThinkLab Coworking. The money pays for the out of pocket expenses of the site, our uni media students (who are paid per post) and increasingly we will use anything spare to boost our reach and readership.

To that end, every story you share with your networks and on social media all helps people find us, and helps promote what is happening in and around WA’s burgeoning startup tech scene.

We have just recorded our first two podcasts and we will be releasing the first of these soon. We are also planning a superb West Tech Fest opening party on the evening of Mon 3rd December, with some very special guests, a podcast recording and not one but two DJs!

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