Perth lawyers launch tech-enabled fixed fee legal service


Perth’s legal landscape could be in for a shake-up, as two local lawyers launch a cloud-based tech service to sit alongside a new bespoke legal brand…

Michael Stork and Shannon Davies bring a combined 27 years of legal expertise to Perth Property Lawyers and Stork Davies Legal Advisors, two new legal brands which seek to take advantage of the emerging tech trends in the industry.

Shannon believes too many law firms simply aren’t agile enough to adapt to changing times.

“Traditional law firms risk being left behind, particularly in practice areas that are commoditisable, as they struggle with falling productivity and intense competition from new firms who are embracing different and more cost-effective ways to provide legal services,” he said.

“Our bespoke solutions are customised and considered, and this is about two experienced lawyers joining forces and offering something new and innovative in the Perth market.”

The risk of falling behind in the legal marketplace is ever-present, with a 2016 Australian Legal Practice Management Association Report finding 46% of legal firms do not have a solid road map for innovation.

The two brands are part of the growing trend of boutique law firms that specialise in limited areas of law.

Stork Davies Legal Advisors will focus on providing consultancy, through partner-level access, in areas including litigation and dispute resolution, construction, property and commercial law. It will look and act much like a regular law firm providing bespoke and specialised legal advice.

Meanwhile, Perth Property Lawyers will expand legal firms’ capacity, using technology to provide high-volume fixed-fee property law documents and services.

Michael Stork and Shannon Davies – cofounders of a new technology-backed legal firm

“Much of the traditional practice of commercial leases can be done through precedents (templates),” Shannon told Startup News.

“We are the first legal practice to use technology so we can provide fixed fee services for legal contracts, even displaying our prices on our website, while guaranteeing we will turn it around in two business days.”

Some of these contracts are 80 pages long or more, so that is quite an enticing offer.

If you are in need of a commercial leasing contract or a sub lease or a lease review, you can view the prices on the PPL website where you will also see that if they don’t get the work done in two working days, the price to you is halved.

What makes Shannon unusual is that he has both a computer science degree and a legal degree. While he admits he has never used the former, it came in handy when he developing the technology behind the PPM offer.

He has hired a computer programmer to continually develop and refine the processes that delivers the new service.

“It’s clear that the legal profession has to move this way,” Shannon told Startup News, “and those that do not look to automate some functions and pass on superior service and cost savings to their clients will be left behind.”

The two new legal brands – Stork Davies and Perth Property Lawyers – are being officially launched next week at a function down at the Lucky Shag.