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Talk Of The Town: Friday 15th August 2014

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Patrick Green
// Talk of the town is our weekly post of links and tidbits that we hear about, but didn't get time to write about.

Talk of the town is our weekly post of links and tidbits that we hear about, but didn’t get time to write about. 


  • Triplify launched at Atomic Sky Tech Hub last night. With Hawaiian lei’s on arrival everyone was really looking like they were on holidays.
  • Next week is the AWS Summit in Perth, and to get you excited Amazon gave us 20 $100 vouchers.  Go read this article, and leave a comment to go in the running. Easy.
  • Elance is looking for a City Manager. A part time job like this could really help someone get involved in the startup community.
  • If you want to meet this years Founders Institute graduates, they are having graduation night next Thursday. Get your FREE ticket now.
  • A yet to be named Perth startup just received funding under the Commercialisation Australia scheme, having just scraped their application in before it closed. More to come.
  • Looks like the Sixty27 website is now up.
  • The Entrepreneurs Unconvention is coming next Saturday 23rd August.  Check it out. Its FREE.
  • //Startup News is growing and needs someone that wants to help out around the newsroom.  Students, grads, entrepreneurs, anyone that has a keen interest in the startup community, and wants to help out with interviewing, writing, attending events, photographing, organising events, marketing, graphic design. Email me if you want to help.
  • Would you be interested in a low cost startup school program? Leave your comments below.
  • Mig33, founded in 2005 as Project Goth by Stephen Goh, moved to San Francisco and then again to Singapore, has this week listed on the ASX as migme.  Congratulations to Stephen and a number of locals for helping him on the long journey.  I believe there is more to come this year.
  • We hear that GoPC and Prezentt had a good time presenting for the finals.
  • Startup Ovation: Perth is going to have a Startup Party involving all the entrepreneurs, spaces, mentors, helpers, supporters, orgs, groups, meetups, associations, feeders and leaders. Planned for October, we need to know what you think about it. Register your interest at Tickets go on sale on Monday.
  • If you want to practise your startup pitch, with real feedback, from investors and peers, get along to SNAP.  Tickets are only $10 and includes drinks and nibbles. 27th August at Atomic Sky Tech Hub.
  • Speaking of founders, we have interviewed and reported on a stack of startups so far this year. Look at this lot, share if you know anyone 🙂
  • Whats going on at Teacheria?
  • Just Start IT, the 18 week Create Your Own Start Up program from Lainey and Matt is looking to run a crowd funding campaign soon.  Stay tuned for that. 

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Picture of Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Patrick is the co-founder and co-editor of Startup News. With a history in software and startups, he gets a kick out of seeing other peoples ideas come to life.
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