Amazon Web Services Perth Summit Wednesday 20 August 2014 – Win Some Free AWS Credit!


AWS Summit comes to Perth!

The national AWS Summit series is one of the premier industry conferences in Australia and New Zealand for AWS customers, startups, industry leaders and IT professionals. Summit – in Perth on Wednesday 20 August  – is designed to educate the industry about the cloud computing and the AWS platform, offering a range of learning streams,  from how to get started on AWS through to deep technical content.


Several hundred people are expected to attend to hear from AWS executives and  technical specialists, customers and industry partners.

Ed Lenta
Ed Lenta

The keynote speaker is Ed Lenta, Head of Amazon Web Services ANZ who is responsible for providing strategic direction and building AWS market leadership in Cloud technology throughout Australia and New Zealand. Well known as a Cloud and virtualization evangelist, he oversees all aspects of the company’s customer-facing activity in the ANZ region.

AWS Summit aims to;

  • educate and provide cloud computing  technology directions to the IT community
  • provide a learning platform for customers on the benefits of AWS solutions drive the expansion and level of cloud adoption in the Australian market
  • drive the expansion and level of cloud adoption in the Australian market
  • Put AWS and strategic partners as front-of-mind leaders in delivering Cloud solutions

To attend this full day of FREE learning and networking with your industry peers, register here:

[box style=”success”] If you’d like to win some free money, we’ve got 20 $100 AWS vouchers to give away, thanks to the generous folks at AWS. All you need to do is be a //Startup News subscriber and tell us in the comments below, what your favourite AWS feature is. The most informative posts win a voucher! Cutoff is 5pm Monday the 18th August 2014. [/box]



  1. My favourite AWS feature? Probably Cloudfront CDN. It instantly gives me the global reach of a far larger business and gives my customers the fastest load times.

  2. I like the Amazon Simple Queue Service because it’s an easy way to distribute work to workers in a Map-Reduce type situation. I use it when I have a large set of independent work items to be farmed out, and want to use Spot Requests that can be interrupted. Simple Queue Service keeps track of work items that are “in flight” and will re-add them to the queue if it hasn’t heard back from the worker in a certain amount of time.

  3. Their push notification service, SNS is top of my list for its simplicity and affordability.

    “one million push notifications per month across iOS, Android and Kindle platforms at no charge. After that, you pay $0.50 for every million publishes and $0.50 per million push deliveries.”

  4. AWS scaling is great, why should I have my server running at a high capacity at 1 am? I shouldn’t..

  5. I’ve a huge fan as AWS gives us Enterprise-level infrastructure at a fraction of the price. One of my favourite features is the ability to auto-scale up when traffic is high and then scale down again during off-peak times.

  6. The start-up does not have much resource for expensive infrastructures that needs to be ordered, paid for, installed and configured long before you actually need it. With AWS, we can just pay for the resources we consume on a variable basis. This lower the risk considerably even if the start-up fails. Also we can develop and deploy applications faster. With AWS we can provision resources as we need them – we can deploy hundreds or even thousands of servers in minutes.

  7. We use CloudFront for global content delivery of over 100K images and it was simple to set up. It’s a favourite feature for me because speed of content delivery is important for keeping our users on the site, especially the first-timers where first impressions are paramount!

  8. Well, my favourite AWS feature is EC2 Auto scaling group. Save money and reliable, never worry about your website go down. And RDS is great too.

  9. AWS EC2 is the best. It is very useful for Big Data Analytics as it allow spinning up massive amounts of compute power to process enormous amounts of data that would have previously required months to process but using the EC2 cluster we can process it in real time.

  10. AWS is flexible which allows us to keep the programming models, languages, and operating systems that we are already using or choose others that are better suited for our project. Migrating legacy applications to the cloud is easy and cost-effective.

  11. I like the Cost-effective of using AWS infrastructures. We pay only for what they use, without the long-term commitments or investment.

  12. AWS provides us flexibility when provisioning new services. Instead of the weeks and months it takes to plan and hire for a new project, we can immediately
    begin deployment on the cloud the equivalent of hundreds servers. It is extremely useful to prototype an application without heavy investment on infrastructures.

  13. The features of Scalable and elastic benefit us a lot. We can quickly add and subtract AWS resources to our applications in order to meet customer demand. For example, most user access our sites during the day time, and we provisioned more server during the day.

  14. We like the enterprise infrastructure AWS provided, without requirement to invest hefty on hardware and softwares on the front.

  15. By using AWS, we have removed the need to have a dedicated network admin, and we can focus on the software development, and roll out the new release with the hardware we need in minutes. That is awesome.

  16. Thanks everyone for your comments, some truly great reasons to use AWS. We will be sending all the winners their vouchers today.

    But hey, thats no reason to stop posting all the great ways that AWS can help a startup.

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