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// // Let the VCs come to you in this new video reverse pitch series...

Sick and tired of hearing there’s ‘no VC in WA’? Well, let the VCs come to you, thanks to a new original video series from venture capital icons such as Bill Tai, Blackbird, and Airtree Ventures, which premiered this week on West Tech Fest’s digital platform ‘West Tech +‘.

Investor Elevator Pitches flip the script on investors, inviting fund managers and angels to pitch themselves to startups, providing tips on what they’re looking for in an investment opportunity, and how to work with them as a founder.

These short, snappy, one-minute videos are an excellent resource for WA startups to learn how to best engage with investors and forms part of West Tech Fest’s commitment to attracting investment for WA startups and innovators.

What I’m looking for in an investment is somebody that can be a driving force to help unlock value in front of a structural change in a market that is big and can touch the world.

Bill Tai

On the platform, you can watch pitches from:

  • Bill Tai, venture capitalist (Twitter, Canva, Zoom…) and investor in 23 IPO-listed companies
  • Rick Baker, Co-Founder of Blackbird (Canva, SafetyCulture, Culture Amp, Roborigger…)
  • Dan Coughlan and Raaj Rayat, Investment Managers at Airtree Ventures
  • Nick Gainsley, Partner of OneVentures
  • Cheryl Mack, CEO of Aussie Angels, CMack Ventures
  • Robert Thurston, Investor at Venture Capital Exchange

Six exclusive episodes are available to watch now, with a new episode released each week, on the West Tech + platform, powered by Ammo Marketing.

There’s also an abundance of content on the platform, with more coming.


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