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Top 10 articles for June quarter, and other news…

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// // What were the 'most read' stories on Startup News over the June quarter? The results are in ...

// What were the most read stories on Startup News over the June quarter? The results are in …

The last three months saw Startup News hire nine new writers – all from Curtin Uni, one of our sponsors. We now have 32 contributors overall, and we even welcomed the return – albeit briefly – of the Lean Hackman. Bless him and his cotton socks.

Traffic to the site grew to an all time monthly high – again – during the last quarter. We like ‘all time highs’ at Startup News. ?

Comparing Apr-Jun 2019 with the same period last year…

  • Unique Visitors were up 19%
  • New Users were up 23%
  • Sessions were up 11%
  • Page Views were up 9%

And if you compared the quarter to the same one 2 years ago, all measures were up 180%. Wowzas!

So, thanks for the support.

We are now running a social media campaign to boost subscriptions to our weekly Fri 3pm email. Numbers here have risen 40% over the past year, but we want to double it again.

Top 10 articles for June quarter, and other news...

The top 10 most read articles April – June 2019 were:

  1. Dishing out the secret sauce for success – Bunsters Sauces
  2. Laconik wins $383K Accelerating Commercialisation grant
  3. Here come the South West Angels
  4. How Incubators make money
  5. BetterLabs Ventures announces 2nd investment
  6. Plus Eight Cohort 2019 revealed
  7. Reverse Shark Tank event
  8. The Volte raises $700K angel funds
  9. Bamboo launches micro investing platform
  10. Curtin Accelerate demo day

Notice how nearly every story was about funding or accelerators.


Talking about money, Startup News is proudly ad-free, paywall-free and we will NEVER, EVER ask you, our readers, for money.

We get by thanks to the wonderful support of our most excellent sponsors Wrays, BDO, Spacecubed and Curtin University.

The funds pay for the out of pocket expenses of the site, our writers (who are paid per post) and promoting the site and local startups.

To that end, every story you share with your networks and on social media all helps people find us, and helps promote what is happening in and around WA’s burgeoning startup tech scene. Thanks for what you do, too.

Go #WA #Startups!

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