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QR code cashes in on Perth market

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Henry Thai
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// // New Perth startup to bring QR code payments to Australia

Travel, for those remember that thing we did in another epoch, could take us to places like Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other places across South-East Asia.

A meal by a street vendor or hawker stall in more recent years would see many whip out phones, assaulted by a plethora of QR code payment options.

Australia on the other hand has been a little behind, bar the odd imported system used by a particular cafe or restaurant, or the Covid Safe App we all know and love.

As the world continues through Industry 4.0 the changing nature of money is continuously in the headlines, from questions around what the banking system might look like in the future, through to the traction-gaining cryptocurrency trends.

An Australian startup, indeed a Western Australian startup, has now joined the fray.

A curiously named company called Ziksu will launch this Wednesday (26 May) at Perth Stadium.

The technology claims to:

[enable] instant settlement of funds avoiding the traditional wait period for funds to clear.


Ziksu also said that “The Ziksu app is secure and Ziksu has been recognised as a financial institution connected to the Commonwealth government’s New Payments Platform, the NPP.”

The startup continues to grow Perth’s vibrant fintech scene, where the startup ecosystem is home to 4 incubators/hubs with fintech specialty according to the Startup News ecosystem map.

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Picture of Henry Thai

Henry Thai

Henry studies engineering at Curtin University. He has a diverse set of interests and was previously a journalist and news presenter for 107.3fm and The Wire National Current Affairs on Radio.
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