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MCA driving motor car culture change

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Motor Car Culture
// // Brisbane-based Motor Culture Australia is on a mission to create a more inclusive and accessible industry, and has set up in WA...

An automotive community and tech business hailing from Brisbane has recently expanded to WA, fuelled by a nationwide move towards “motor culture inclusivity”.

Motor Culture Australia (MCA) is driving a mission to meet local demand for family-friendly and safe motor culture events in WA.

MCA Director and Co-Founder Thomas Fu said the expansion is a testament to the business’s overall goal to bring the community together through a shared love for car culture.

Western Australia has a vibrant car culture and we knew for quite some time that we wanted to expand to this region, due to demand for events like ours which connect like-minded people in a family-friendly format.

Thomas Fu, MCA Director and Co-Founder.

“At our first Perth event, we were proud to exclusively feature WA businesses, including the venue, hospitality businesses and brands showcased, in an effort to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local community.”

MCA holds regular car meets, and track days and provides educational initiatives to offer a unique and inclusive automotive community.

Thomas said MCA car meets strive to provide an experience unlike any other.  

“We incorporate a lot of different activities into our events like free raffle draws, prizes for kids and branded biscuits for all the dogs as well to really encourage a family-orientated environment.”

The expansion has already been a hit with WA car enthusiasts.

“Everyone loved the last event we held,” Thomas said.

“It’s not very often you see bigger-scale events being held in WA, so I think people really appreciate the effort and passion that goes into holding events all the way over there.”

But MCA’s appeal extends beyond WA. Since its inception in 2017, MCA has grown to be the motor industry’s most substantial member-based enterprise, boasting a nationwide membership base that surpasses three hundred and fifty thousand people.

Looking ahead, MCA has set a visionary mission to become Australia’s premier and most inclusive automotive community, with plans to establish a presence in every state.

“We’re working really hard to upgrade our website and our technology infrastructure,” Thomas said.

“A lot of the resources we are investing in is to figure out how to attract and include more people and bring motor culture into every household.”

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Picture of Chloe Maher

Chloe Maher

Chloe is a third year Journalism student at Curtin University with an interest in the local startup community and creative writing. She is also a newsreader for RTRFM.
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