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Markr wins a place on 5G accelerator program

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Desiree Durrani
Markr in action
// // WA startup Markr is revolutionising geo-publication

WA-based geo-publishing platform Markr has been chosen to join 5Pring, a premier 5G accelerator program based in the UK supporting the growth of 5G for smart cities.

Geo-publication is a relatively new areas of digital marketing, which includes the emerging metaverse of digital signage.

Markr provides interactive, augmented reality (AR), location-based signage tackling the problem of being able to provide sufficient information in the right location, at the right time in the user’s language without cluttering the environment with physical signage.

David Smith, CEO and Project Director of Markr, believes that their inclusion is a “powerful validation of the market” for them.

The accelerator is a little different to most as potential customers are part of the selection process. The scale of companies involved is also impressive, including Wayra UK, Digital Catapult, O2, Telefonica and Deloitte. 

We were unexpectedly invited to apply. They were looking for Smart City solutions that would benefit from 5G that can leverage capabilities including AR. It seemed such a perfect fit for Markr – we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

David Smith, Markr

The program is delivering the startup some high level mentoring and should facilitate introductory meetings with potential customers and UK trials.

Markr wins a place on 5G accelerator program
Markr Signage in 2D (left) and in AR (right). Image Supplied.

Customers are able to load all the information on their phone through the Markr app in real-time and in their preferred language, making it accessible for all. It is also the most cost-efficient solution to run and eco-friendly.

Markr is ideal for visitor information, education, art and historical trails to activate places and get people to want to be back in the Here and Now.

About 5Pring

5Pring is an innovation program that aims to connect tech disruptors with corporates to generate joint 5G powered business opportunities. They look to harness startups, enterprises, sector experts and tech providers to transform the way we live leveraging 5G capabilities.

The program is sponsored by globally recognised brands in nine countries including O2, Ayra Telefonica Innovation and Deloitte. They provide managed introductions to target customers, business mentoring from top British organisations and free consulting services.

What’s next for Markr?

Markr will look to use this opportunity to springboard into the UK and beyond. The global focus on new ways to use 5G technology is a major opportunity for them.

We are looking for a funding partner to help us with our next round of product development. The list of new features and market applications our early adopting customers want to pursue is incredibly exciting. We believe the UK Market could be strong for us, so between there and the Australian East Coast we have some serious ground to cover. 

David Smith

With easing restrictions, they may just get their chance.


For more on Markr, visit their website.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

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