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Diptek wins Core Innovation Hot 30

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A local Perth minetech startup that is setting out to disrupt data mining – quite literally – has won recognition with a national award.

Founded by Brian Kellett and Chris Loveland, and formerly known as ‘Four Flags Blasting Technologies’, Diptek won the WA Innovation division of the Core Innovation 2022 Hot 30 National Awards program with their new technology in Australia’s largest export sector.

What is Diptek?

For the past two decades, digital sensors within the mining industry have collected billions of data points, particularly across trucking, conveyor systems and the crushing and milling installments.

This data is used to assist with making value-based decisions that enhance profitability. However, there is a noted absence of quality–organised blast hole data.

Diptek’s technology is targeting this. After all, it is the very start of the miner’s ‘data journey’.

Currently, QAQC (quality assurance and quality control) of blast holes in open-pit mining tends to involve a rather analogue tape measure reel with an operator that then manually lowers the tape down each hole and observes the approximate depth.

“Depths are then recorded on paper maps or entered into electronic field tablets. To those more familiar with executing this actual task there is an important human variable,” explained Chris Loveland.

“This human variable encompasses the choice to exert physical effort to collect real data versus the effort for complete or partial data fabrication.

All current legacy processes, procedures and tools leave the end data users questioning whether a blast-hole was really, truly ever measured. In the event it was, can the measurement accuracy then, truly be trusted?

Chris Loveland, Diptek Director

The Dipstick field hardware device establisheses value and sustains QAQC for individual mines by providing a real snapshot of QAQC gaps that compromise the trust in this data feedback loop at the mine.

The patented field technology integrates modern sensors such as lidar, GPS, rotary encoding and imaging modules to collect the essence of the hole that can be used for future analysis.

Diptek wins Core Innovation Hot 30
Brian Kellett with Diptek in action. Image –

“Our mission is to place this technology and system in the right hands to obtain quality data sets, thereby unlocking the significant value that remains hidden within the mining cycle,” added Chris.

Upon receiving the award, Chris gave his thanks to the judges and sponsors of the program, in particular award sponsor the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

“This award will facilitate an introduction with industry heavyweights and innovation leads, which will allow us to better qualify and quantify the value of our system rather than just the product.”

“To my business partner Brian, software development team, industry contacts and early customers who have assisted with ongoing product development, site trials, feedback and advice I also give my thanks.”

“The Hot30 Awards are critical to gathering and nurturing businesses through the desolate wastelands between prototyping and achieving sustainable business.

It can be appreciated there is an inherent aversion to change when running billion-dollar industries and the Hot 30 helps to piece this risk and change bubble.

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