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DCF dishes out the award for top new restaurant

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Chloe Maher
// // Yiamas Perth tastes triumph as Dirty Clean Food serves up the WA New Restaurant of the Year award...

Australia’s leading regenerative food and agriculture company has proudly announced this year’s recipient of the esteemed WA New Restaurant of the Year award.

Dirty Clean Food (DCF) presented Yiamas Perth with this significant acknowledgement of culinary excellence at the WA Good Food Guide Awards last week, marking a noteworthy achievement for both businesses.

CEO of DCF’s parent company ASX-listed Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: ‘WOA’) Jay Albany congratulated Justin Scarvaci and the Yiamas team, emphasising the challenges of the food service industry and the importance of exceptional food.

“Food service is a tough business. It requires hard work, a great team, and a sharp mind, but it starts with great food,” Jay said.  

Yiamas has excelled with the tastiest Greek cuisine in Perth in its first year of business, which is to be highly commended.

CEO of DCF parent company WOA Jay Albany.

As a proud partner of the WA Good Food Guide, DCF is recognised for its role in seamlessly connecting regenerative family farms with consumers through its innovative direct-from-farm distribution model.

“Great food starts with great farmers producing ethical, high quality, nutrient-rich and flavoursome produce – supplying the food service industry and consumers with that produce is central to what we do,” Jay said.

“We take great pride in working with local family farmers and other ethically-aligned food producers, who we call ‘Friends of Dirty Clean Food’, to provide hospitality venues with regenerative, grass-fed, free-to-roam meat, eggs, dairy and other grocery items.”

Operating with a commitment to excellence, DCF supplies over 200 restaurants and 10,000 direct customers in Western Australia with next-day delivery, reaching over 1,500 locations globally.

Jay said he was delighted to see customers receiving well-deserved recognition.

“Looking around the awards at so many good friends and partners, I was thrilled to see more than 40 of our customers make the list of WA’s top 100 restaurants,” Jay said.

“There is something special about the WA food scene, and we’re grateful to play a role in this as a valued supply partner.”

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Picture of Chloe Maher

Chloe Maher

Chloe is a third year Journalism student at Curtin University with an interest in the local startup community and creative writing. She is also a newsreader for RTRFM.
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