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Breaking barriers down with healthy

Picture of Desiree Durrani
Desiree Durrani
Wholesome Market co-founders
// // One WA startup's aim is to make eating healthy easy and affordable for all

Founded by Jerry Li and Alene Sullivan in October 2020, Wholesome Market was launched in Perth and is fuelled by a common purpose to ‘make healthy’ easy and affordable for all Australians.

Launching out of Covid in October last year, Wholesome Market is the first e-commerce company in Australia to employ a membership model for healthy products. Through the model, the company offers over three thousand products that are high-quality, healthy and sustainable at wholesale prices that can be delivered anywhere in Australia and for free, if you spend more than $79.

Born in Australia to immigrant parents, Jerry saw first-hand the difficulty and expense of accessing healthy food, especially for low-income families as his own. Co-founder Arlene left an established career to pursue her life-long dream to build a socially-conscious business with a purpose. The Wholesome Market was born.

Breaking barriers down with healthy
Wholesale Market products. Image Supplied.

This one stop shop comes with an annual fee, removing the traditional middlemen and retail markups, which saves members up to 50% on retail prices of some of Australia’s best natural, organic and sustainable brains – allowing all to make healthy decisions and purchases, say the co-founders.

Our carefully curated selection of brands, the best in their category, embody the ethos and values that are the foundation of wholesome market. Transparency is paramount and we’ve taken the guess work out of shopping healthy.

Alene Sullivan and Jerry Li, Co-Founders of Wholesome Market

The mission to an equitable, healthy Australia

Covid has made the world and Australia adapt to online shopping. More than ever, Australians are turning to online shopping. Moreover, health has moved to the forefront of our discussions and is being taken a lot more seriously.

Alene and Jerry appreciate that healthy and sustainable options can be on the expensive side and not everyone is able to afford the $59.95 annual membership fee. Their commitment? For every paid member on Wholesale Markets, they donate a free membership to a low-income family, essential workers and students.

Also, their partnership with OzHarvest has allowed them to address bigger social issues in Australia – hunger. On behalf of every paid member, they donate the equivalent of five healthy meals to the most vulnerable Australians. In the last year, Wholesale Markets has donated just over 10,000 meals and have helped their members save over $250,000.

Membership Perks

Wholesale Markets has a guarantee that all members will make back their membership fees in savings. At an annual $59.95 fee (equivalent to $5 per month – the price of a coffee), members are promised:

  • free monthly gifts
  • access to a community of like-minded Australians committed to healthy living and sustainability
  • opportunities to contribute to social justice and making healthy living possible for all Australians
  • easy and enjoyable shopping experience, which includes easily searching for products by diet and lifestyle e.g. organic, keto and gluten.

To sign-up and shop at the Wholesome Market, click here.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

When not working on a creative project or typing away behind a screen, Desiree can be found watching the football (the round one!), volunteering at motorsport events in Western Australia or listening to "Rock DJ" on repeat.
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