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2022 SPUR Location Grants Program for innovators now open

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// // The program is supported by Landgate, with five grants up for grabs...

Landgate’s SPUR Location Grants Program has now opened for 2022 to support innovators in finding innovative ways to use Western Australia’s location data.

Supported by the State Government through Landgate, together with five partner agencies, the grant provides economic stimulus for startup businesses by helping them meet the costs required to expand their businesses, such as developing an app or purchasing equipment.

The $25,000 grant funding on offer is available for up to five eligible applicants, with four General Grants for WA-based small businesses and one First Nations Grant.

Applicants for the General Grant category must show how their proposed idea is innovative, leverages WA’s location information and delivers value to the land sector.

The applicant for the First Nations category is required to show how their project is culturally significant and uses place-based information to deliver value to the land sector.

Past recipients of this grant include Markr Systems, a system created to deliver geo-located virtual signage through a web-based content management system and a free smartphone app.

2022 SPUR Location Grants Program for innovators now open
Markr Sytems working on geo-loacted virtual signage. Source Supplied.

The 2020 SPUR Location General Grant winners worked with the Botanic Gardens and Park Authority to offer augmented reality experiences at Kings Park to educate visitors on flora conservation work.

Successful applicants will be able to attend targeted information sessions with Landgate and each of the partner agencies, to allow them to network and access data and support for six months.

Lands Minister John Carey believes the grants program will help boost WA’s economy by creating jobs and supporting small businesses.

“The SPUR Location Grants Program is a fantastic example of how the State Government is supporting innovation, diversifying the economy and creating jobs by assisting local talent to turn their ideas into reality,” he said.

Across the world, we are seeing governments and industry leveraging place-based information to deliver significant value to their economies and communities, and this program ensures Western Australia is positioned to explore opportunities using location information to add value to the State.

John Carey, Lands Minister

The Small Business Development Corporation and Landgate will host an information session for potential applicants on 3 June 2022.

Submissions for the 2022 SPUR Location Grants Program will close on 31 July 2022 at 5pm.

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Picture of Dhanya Vimalan

Dhanya Vimalan

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