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Glaciei – Educate, Consult, Invest

Glaciei is a new startup consultancy and investment service, put together by Jane Garrett and Greg Riebe, two of the most well-respected, experienced and...

These Guys Know Exactly Where They`re Going With GeoMoby.com

Geomoby is a Geolocation As A Service(GAAS) platform aimed at digital agencies and developers that makes it easy to add location and context awareness to any application.

In The Groove. The Headphone Worker Phenomenon

Go to any office today and chances are you will find people beavering away with headphones on.


STUDIO SPACE AVAILABLE ON WILLIAM STREET   Studio space available in a heritage listed building on William Street We are looking to fill two small studio spaces...

Excitement At Startup Weekend Perth 2014. Mayor Of Perth Wants “More of that”

What really happened at Startup weekend? Read on as Barry Newman-Sparks lets out a few secrets of the weekend as they unfolded.

WebKey IT Accessibility Presentation A Hit with ACS Members.

PAID ADVERTISEMENT: The long awaited ACS (Australian Computer Society) facilitated presentation on web accessibility attracted strong attention from the corporate and government sectors. The event...

SK Games. Bringing Social Gaming Back To The Table

When I first heard about SK Games, based out in Fitzgerald Street in West Perth, I must admit I was a bit excited,  the...

Future Dreaming. Do You Have The Vision?

Before we begin, go read this article from The Register. Do it now... I'll wait... ...done? Good. Interesting, wasn't it? I like El Reg, they're one...

OzAPP Awards 2014. The Winners And The Non Winners

There were cheers, there were tears, there were winners, and some losers. That about sums up the 2014 OZAPP Awards. After a long lead-up, plus...

ACS WA Branch Forum Event. Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility: Maximizing your opportunities or crippling your potential Did you know that one in five Australians has a disability affecting their education, transportation or employment? Few...

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