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Perth Based Online Lender Rebrands to Enably

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Miles Burke
Enably team

Perth’s online lending startup, Loan Ranger, has announced a new name, Enably, after three years in business.

Underpinning the change in brand, there are also significant changes to the way the business lends money. Enably is now offering larger loan amounts of up to $10,000 and longer repayment periods up to 24 months whilst providing customers with the chance to select their own repayment period.

Andrew Kirkwood, Enably CEO, believes now is the right time to rebrand to give the company the best opportunity for success.

“When Loan Ranger was founded, the name was chosen because it referenced the knight in shining armour, focused on helping people in a time of need. Enably is an evolution from us not just helping, but empowering the customer,” Mr Kirkwood said.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved to date, but our new brand reflects the type of company we have become and what it will be as we move into the future.

“It is our aim to enable our customers to achieve their goal, whether it be a one-off purchase or expense, car maintenance or a holiday, as quickly, responsibly and seamlessly as possible.”

“Our customers are important to us, but we are realistic about what we mean to them,” Mr Kirkwood said.

“We uncovered a simple insight that helped guide us through the process. When customers seek out a loan, they do it with a specific end goal in mind, our new product offering allows our customers to achieve that goal.

“We are the facilitators in the process, so we want to make the experience of applying and obtaining a loan as easy and seamless as possible.”

We look forward to seeing where Enably heads in the next three years.

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Picture of Miles Burke

Miles Burke

Miles is the founder of employee survey start-up, 6Q, Founder & MD of an award-winning Perth digital marketing agency, and curates the Australian Software Guide.
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