Tiller Rides raises $1M+ in equity crowd funding; now hiring


// After a successful 7-figure crowd-funding campaign, Freo-based ebike manufacturer Tiller Rides is looking for a GM.

Founded in 2016 in Fremantle, Tiller Rides‘ goal, as expoused by their founder and CEO Julian Ilich is to “create a successful business that improved people’s health and well-being while reducing their impact on the planet.” 

“In alignment with this goal we are currently commercialising a revolutionary electric bike – the Roadster – which we believe could be the future of modern urban transport,” Julian told Startup News.

“Even though the Roadster was named after the original transport bikes of the early 1900’s it is a modern high-tech machine with unique styling and functionality.

“Its sleek lightweight pressed-aluminium frame is the key to its seamless integration of an impressive array of features. On a Roadster you can ride every day and for any occasion with ease and style.”

Crowd-funding Success

Tiller Rides has recently pre-sold more than 165 Roadsters (more than 600K worth), selected its manufacturer and recently completed a $1M+ equity crowdfunding capital raise to mass produce Roadsters for delivery to the first customers in mid-2020. 

Tiller joins other local businesses Urbotanica, Ecocentric, West Winds Gin, Credi and Rhinohide that have successfully raised equity crowd-funding in 2019.

They’re Hiring!

The next phase of Tiller Rides will see a significant ramp up in marketing, sales and manufacturing to deliver high volumes of Roadsters both nationally and globally. 

To date, Tiller Rides has operated with a small team of committed people from its office near Fremantle.

They are now seeking an experienced General Manager to grow with the business and oversee corporate operations and activities. They are looking for someone who is passionate about the ‘why’ of Tiller Rides – and would love to be part of changing the way life is lived in our cities to improve outcomes for people and the planet. 


To find out more and learn how to apply, visit the Join the Crew page on the Tiller Rides website: tillerrides.com/join-the-crew.


MAIN IMAGE: Tiller Rides Founder Julian Ilich with the first Roadsters.