Startup Weekend Perth #10 Announced


Startup Weekend is the main event of the Startup Community, a twice-yearly pressure cooker of customer development and idea validation. Tickets are on sale now.

Startup Weekend is an education for startup founders in a weekend. The event kicks off on Friday evening with a series of pitches; anyone with an idea they want to explore can pitch it and try and form a team around the idea. Saturday sees the teams work on the idea, ably assisted by a team of experienced mentors. The teams pitch the idea on Sunday afternoon to a team of judges, who announce the winners by Sunday evening. Realistically, in order to stand a chance of winning, teams need to have paying customers for their business by Sunday. This sounds ridiculous if you’ve never seen it happen before, but it does happen every time.

We’ve covered previous Perth Startup Weekends before: #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, and the team members from those teams have moved on to be active members of the startup community, building businesses and fulfilling their dreams.

If you’re interested in attending, then read this first: our guide for Startup Weekend newbies

The event is hosted and organised by Spacecubed, and facilitated by the irrepressible Nathan Sturcke.

Tickets and more information available from the official site: