30 Startup Articles You Should Read Today

Startup Articles

Since 2013, //Startup News has published a wealth of articles, over 600 in fact, on innovation and startups, to help readers like you, build and grow great ideas.

We know that’s a lot of information, so to help you find new knowledge and uncover some great innovation and startup articles, here is my hand picked list of 30 articles every startup founder should consider reading.

Early Stage Information

These five articles will give early stage startups, or founders-to-be new knowledge for their use in business;

Business Matters

Startups aren’t all just tech and finance. These five articles will give you further lessons on taking the leap into startup life and business.

Traction & Growth

Traction and growth are vital to your startup. Here’s a collection of seven startup articles we have previously published that may provide some unique insights.

Pitching Your Startup

If you ever decide to enter a competition, or pitch for funding, then your pitching skills will be put to the test. Here are three articles that may help you learn to perfect that pitch;

Finance & Funding

Considering seeking outside funding, whether it be by angel investors, venture capitalists or government grants? These following 10 articles are sure to help navigate the finance maze;

Marcus Holmes has written a great series on funding;

Rafael Kimberly-Brown has written a great series about his foray into angel investing;

So there we have it; 30 articles worth taking a look at, and expanding your startup knowledge. Want to get articles like this in your inbox every week? Sign up to our newsletter and keep learning more!