The Coder Factory On Why You Need To Learn To Code

Coder Factory Logo
Coder Factory Logo

Hi Daniel, thank you for agreeing to do the interview with me for Startupnews. We are really looking forward to having The Coder Factory coming to Perth for your successful Beginner Coder Weekend workshop which has already been around in major capital cities around Australia.

First of all, can you tell me about what the Coder Factory is all about? What are your main values and vision of The Coder Factory?

Daniel Siepen of Coder Factory
Daniel Siepen of Coder Factory

The Coder Factory is a technology coding school that teaches aspiring tech entrepreneurs and people wanting to create apps that help them in their lives and work. We provide education in the latest web and application development technologies. Graduates will be able to build their own tech startups or applications that help them in their careers and personal life.

The Coder Factory want to make sure people have the best possible experience and have fun while learning about how technology is built.

We want to help people around the world realise their dreams through technology education.

Why do you think knowing about code is important for entrepreneurs?

I get asked this question a lot. Entrepreneurs don’t always have the time to do code and that’s fine. Some entrepreneurs actually do that the challenge on and build their own etch Startups which is awesome. What I do strongly believe though is that if you want to run a successful technology company, then you need to learn code and how technology works. I use this analogy a lot, “how can you run a burger shop without knowing how you make a burger” – it sounds funny, but it’s essentially the same purpose.

  1. I also believe coding is so important in not only building a startup but for 5 main reasons,
  2. It teaches you to be more innovative
  3. If you don’t understand how software is built, you will not get along with technical co-founders or developers
  4. If you don’t have a basic understanding of code, you will have a less likely chance of successfully freelancing your projects
  5. Once you understand more about coding, you can further motivate your team and have an understanding of the processes they go through
  6. The world is becoming more digital, learn to code and take responsibility for your technical future.

How do you think this workshop will assist entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem here in Perth?

From our workshops being held in various capital cities, people have stated that they have learnt three main lessons from their experience over our weekend course.

Why I believe entrepreneurs should do this course, in particular tech entrepreneurs is to just understand what is possible whilst gaining a basic understanding of how technology works. You certainly can’t become a confident coder in just a 12-hour workshop; however, you go out of the workshop with a much higher confidence in taking on the challenges of building a tech startup.

You gain a better understanding of UX and UI design, front-end frameworks, application design process, rapid application development and building your own personal web app that will be deployed to the web to show how quickly you can build a tech startup.

Go check out more on the Perth Coder Factory course which is THIS WEEKEND!


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