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3 Marketing Tips for preparing a successful crowdfunding campaign

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// // Perth-based digital marketing company Glide Agency provides some advice...

Equity crowd-funding has grown as a startup funding source over recent years. Perth-based digital marketing agency Glide Agency provides some insights …

Since 2018, startups all over Australia have been turning to equity crowdfunding as a way of raising capital and converting customers and brand loyalists into investment. 

However, is it really as simple as throwing a pitch video together and walking away with hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or is there more to this challenge than initially meets the eye? 

In the hope of helping founders navigate the equity crowdfunding landscape, we’ve put together a few key tips to guide decision-making, strategy and direction.

Step 1: Create a launch strategy

Creating a timeline of events and setting a date for your launch is one of the earliest, most important steps a brand can take to ensure they’ve ticked all the boxes prior to their campaign going live.

Setting a target value for your raise, preparing a lucrative pitch deck for prospective investors and shooting a campaign video are just a few of the activities that need to be planned, prepared and budgeted for.

When the smallest of details can make a campaign sink or swim, a comprehensive launch strategy should never be underestimated. 

Step 2: Engage your existing customer base.

Equity crowdfunding is one of the most accessible ways that people can buy capital in brands they love, with platforms like Birchal giving them the option to invest from as little as $50.

For this reason, your raise can become a great opportunity to convert your current customers into capital. 

Some of your consumers will be your loudest supporters, and will be able to testify how brilliant your product is; having already tested and tried it. This will provide proof for your business model whilst simultaneously helping to spread the word about your raise. 

If you already have a solid customer base, take the chance to spread the word on your socials, and be sure to dedicate a section of your website to the upcoming investment opportunity. 

Educate your customers about how they can sign up on your chosen crowdfunding platform, and send out email marketing campaigns both in the lead up, and throughout the duration of your launch to convert as many people as possible.

Step 3: Executing your paid advertising campaign.

Successful crowdfunding campaigns aren’t just down to ‘timing’ or ‘luck’ as many might like to believe. Usually accompanied by a well-planned marketing strategy that will serve to bring investors to the table from outside the realm of the brand’s and the platform’s own network. 

If your investment opportunity is geared towards a particular niche or demographic, consider using advertising channels such as Facebook and/or Google to make sure you’re reaching the right audiences.

Digital advertising gives investors the opportunity to register their ‘expression of interest’ for investing in your offer prior to the launch date.This process helps to determine whether a raise is on track to meet its target, and what else might need to be done to ensure goals are being met.

Unless your team is well equipped to manage A/B testing, create captivating campaign graphics, or perform detailed analytics for retargeting, it’s worth leaving paid advertising to the experts. Find yourself a digital marketing agency that is well rehearsed in raising capital that also understands your brand’s mission. 

These core principles will lay the foundations you need for a successful launch and help secure the investment you need, to scale to the next steps.


Article written by Glide Agency exclusively for Startup News.

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