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Why Do You Still Use A Keyboard?

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Patrick Green

Wow. How far has the keyboard come in a hundred years!

Nought. Thats how much.

Apart from what it does and how it does it, it still basically transfers your finger pressing on a largely similar alphanumeric set of buttons. If you were a betting man and looking for a prediction, the keyboard has to be right up there for innovation candidate. Not through lack of trying is the keyboard still the same, but overdue for a replacement it is.

Ok, imagine thinking the words or actions and having those words appear on your screen! Mind reading has come a long way, but not that far, but it’s the logical next jump for the evolution of human computer interaction.

We already have systems that can operate basic games or control a mouse, so stretching a system to understand 26 letters and a bunch of symbols from our brain signals can’t be that hard( says me struggling to set my clock alarm ).

Also, we have devices like the XBox Kinect or the LEAP Motion controller, but, whilst they are great for controlling bats or other objects on the screen, they don’t allow for fast, accurate data transfer from me to the computer.

If you or anyone you know is working on the brain keyboard please comment below, I’d really like one please.

Maybe I’ll do my own. Silent highspeed accurate data entry – my dream…  sorry Cortana

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Picture of Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Patrick is the co-founder and co-editor of Startup News. With a history in software and startups, he gets a kick out of seeing other peoples ideas come to life.
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