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Valearnis set to revolutionise the education system through student-centric tutoring

Picture of Elise Anthony
Elise Anthony
// // The ManezCo-built platform is for secondary school students, and offers tutoring, grade improvement and homeschooling...

A new educational platform for secondary school students has been launched.

Valearnis is student-centric, allowing students at any level on their learning journey to progress at their own pace.

Developed by Australian EdTech startup ManezCo the platform is used for tutoring, grade improvement, homeschooling and beyond.

Lessons are aligned to Australian curriculum and designed around bite-sized topics to ensure students understand every aspect of a subject before progressing onto the next topic. Each package includes theory, videos, and quizzes that blend meaningful art and learning together.

Adopting the gameful learning approach, a range of game design elements are incorporated into the technology including experience points, character progression, customization to cement relatability, intrinsic motivation and personification.

The platform assigns students to houses wherein they compete against others in a friendly and constructive manner, ensuring students of all abilities are engaged and supported.

The on-demand reporting system allows both students and educators to view progress and results in real-time. Assessment is formative, allowing students to take charge of their learning and determine their own outcomes.

As the platform grows more features will be introduced including personalised A.I. learning, factions and seasonal events.

The Valearnis Team is made up of a diverse and passionate group of educators, programmers, artists, animators, and marketers. The talent pool is international: Australia, Japan, the U.S., Finland and beyond. Nonetheless, all are contributing to a common endeavour to revolutionise the educational sector.

We’re so excited to share Valearnis with parents and students. We truly hope to improve and enhance the education of each and every student in Australia.

Samreid Manez, CEO and Founder of ManezCo

Pricing is on a subscription basis and aims to be affordable for all households. The platform is priced at $15.99 AUD per student, monthly. Valearnis offers discounts for signing up multiple students, and every student gets a unique login so that their learning journey is fully personalised. Early adopters can use the code EARLYBIRD40 to get 40% off their subscription.

Further information about pricing and Valearnis itself can be accessed here.

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Picture of Elise Anthony

Elise Anthony

Elise is studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia, majoring in Media & Communications and Human Geography & Planning. She is heavily involved in UWA's innovation community as the current Chair of Venture, the Student Guild's Innovation Centre. In this role, Elise supports student start-ups and facilitates workshops focused on skills development for the future of work. When not on campus Elise likes to spend her time consuming good food and wine.
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