Rural startup set to disrupt edutech


// Startup News profiles a rural edtech from the Peel region creating an educational platform for school students…

The son of teachers in rural Western Australia, it is no surprise passion for education was passed down to Samreid Manez, founder and CEO of ManezCo.

He aims to disrupt edtech by creating a fully distributed remote working program that is more engaging and curriculum-orientated than the programs currently available to teachers and students.

The application provides theory, quizzes, animations, on-demand reporting, characters, levels and experiences alongside leader-boards.

After recently participating in PlusEight’s SPRINT pre-accelerator program – the first pitch night in virtual form – ManezCo was voted by over 100 attendees as the best pitch during the night itself.

Now Samreid has the opportunity to pitch for $20,000 in November along with a full spot in the accelerator program.

Sam with former Chief Scientist of WA, Professor Lyn Beazley AO (Supplied)

The Curtin University Applied Geology graduate himself was recently a recipient of the ‘Highly Commended Young ESTEAM Champion of the Year’ from Peel Bright Minds, an organisation that focuses on youth achievements in the Peel Region.

Sam was one of five locals featured in a locally produced documentary showcasing high-achieving youth in STEM fields from the region in an Peel Bright Minds event launched by Lyn Beazley, the former Chief Scientist of WA.

Scitech has invited ManezCo to present twice at the end of August for their Gifted and Talented students’ program.

Getting the word out there

Sam grew up, and continues to live, in the small rural town of Boddington, about 120km south east of Perth in the Darling Scarp.

Despite the challenges this brings, ManezCo has received positive feedback from multiple schools that have used the application.  

“Being a rural startup can be tricky, your location ends up defining you. Worse still, if you’re a tech startup based in a rural area that isn’t concerned with mining or agriculture, you’re even more of a rare breed.”

Sam Manez

Sam however has found the NBN has levelled the playing field in terms of being able to construct a healthy network of mentors, colleagues, peers and customers over the internet.

“Utilising Zoom meetings, collaborative software, and social media has allowed us to feel just as part of the startup community as if we were in Tokyo or London.”

Sam Manez
ManezCo application in use in the classroom (Supplied)

The future for ManezCo

ManezCo aims to have a presence in every state by 2022, followed by an expansion into international schools by 2024.  

“The end goal for ManezCo is to be the global standard in education. We’ve identified the disparities and inequities in the education sector, affecting students all over the world. If we’re successful in our endeavour, every student will receive the high-quality education they deserve.”

Sam Manez

Specific long-term goals include full kindergarten to year 12 coverage alongside a higher education platform for TAFE and University students, creation of teacher roadmaps (basically how-to guides for new teachers for specific subjects) and educational research and development, which involves working with University academics to deliver content at the forefront of educational theory to students.


Featured Image: Sam receiving his “Highly Commended Young ESTEAM Champion of the Year” award from Peel Bright Minds (Supplied)