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Top 10 WA startup stories for March quarter

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// // All 10 stories were about funding, grants and launches...

So, we’re already a quarter the way through 2022. What the ..?

Hope you’re well.

Over the last three months, Startup News had attracted more than 17,000 sessions to the site. We also saw the return of our podcast – ‘Startup West’ – with new co-host Brodie McCulloch joining Danelle Cross. Catch up on all 70 episodes on the website, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Top (Most Read) 10 articles, Mar Qtr 2022

Here are the most read articles in Startup News in the first 3 months of the year…

  1. PictureWealth raises $14M
  2. VGW revenue up to $2.2B
  3. Skill Social looks to fix broken online education
  4. Hoverit launches to boost local business
  5. 3 WA businesses receive boosting female founder grants
  6. Innovation Booster Grants open
  7. R&D Tax Incentives Deadlines
  8. Perth Angels opens first 2022 funding round
  9. Rewalty acquired by iSynergy
  10. $100M Investment Attraction Fund launched

The thirst for stories about funding continues…

Go #WA #Startups! Keep your stories coming – about to launch a new product? made a new appointment? got something interesting to share..?

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