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“Today We Learned” Goes To School

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

Today We Learned, the winner of the RAC Seedspark competition last year, announced it is being implemented across select WA schools.

We covered the competition last year, and Jason’s $25K win allowed him to push on with the app and get to market, a great result for both the accelerator and Jason’s team.Today We Learned on iPad Mini 2

The app encourages teachers to fill out an update in as little as 60 seconds by finishing the sentences, “Today we learned…”, “Ask your child…” and “Don’t Forget. The updates are delivered directly to parent’s phones or emails and encourages them to start conversations at home to aid in their child’s memory retention, motivation, and alerting them to any gaps in their children’s knowledge.

Carine Senior High School English teacher Casey Mulder said as a teacher, parent engagement is very important to maintain.Casey using iPad

“Today We Learned enables this to happen in a faster, much less stressful manner, by focusing on the questions that will actually help start learning conversations at home,” Ms Mulder said.

Jason reckoned “The Seedspark program provided us with valuable mentoring and coaching from Perth’s most experienced startup experts, and helped us develop a strategy, not just to release an app, but to achieve wide scale adoption. We have used the seed funds to further develop the website and mobile app, and will focus on working closely with teachers implementing the app this term.”

RAC Seedspark, Program Director Jamin Hirte said the program was born out of RAC recognising the need to build a greater internal innovation capability, especially in the rapidly growing area of mobile application development.Today We Learned on iPad Mini

“RAC is currently exploring options to sponsor a wider implementation of the app in WA schools by leveraging RAC’s brand and its education programs,” Mr Hirte said.

RAC Seedspark, in conjunction with Spacecubed, will run its second program later in the year, so start getting your pitches ready, folks.


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