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The CORE hot 30 list of innovators revealed

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Sebastian Tofts-Len
// // The nation's hottest 30 innovators have been inducted at the CORE Exchange 2020 conference...

// The nation’s hottest 30 innovators have been inducted at the CORE Exchange 2020 conference…

The nation’s hottest 30 innovators in the resources, defence, energy and space sector were announced at the CORE Exchange 2020 conference last week, where guest speakers from SEA Gas, Fleet Space and Oz Minerals delivered addresses on their innovation roadmaps, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Participants were able to take part in a live Q&A and met some of the founders of the successful ‘Hot 30’ businesses to talk about innovative practices in a diverse range of industries across the nation, creating an opportunity to meet like-minded businesses and potential partners.

CORE Exchange 2020 participants also voted for a Hot 30 business they would ‘hypothetically invest’ $50,000 in. The winner will be crowned as the Hot 30 People’s Choice and win a cash prize to support its business growth at a later date.

CORE National Innovation Hub Manager Renee Hakendorf said the Hot 30 was a veritable list of the nation’s top innovators in developing industries, contributing to the vibrancy of the sector and offering fresh ideas.

“We’ve seen some fantastic ideas come to the fore as part of the Hot 30, and most of the SMEs involved just haven’t put themselves in the spotlight until now,” Ms Hakendorf said.

“There are dozens of business across Australia focusing on innovative technologies, coming up with new ideas to create efficiencies and helping the resources, energy, mining and space industries become more competitive on the international stage.”

The inaugural CORE Hot 30 winners were selected through a process which identified ventures that were ripe for growth within the next one to three years. Applications were open to companies with an ABN and an Australian HQ. CORE considered company size, growth factors, success attracting investors and the team involved.

The CORE Hot 30 list is shown below.

AiSpannerApplication designed to reduce costs, improve productivity, safety and communication between operators, contractors and sub-contractors using advanced visualisation, analytics and spatial intelligence.
Camp ConnectEnterprise software and mobile application for remote mining, resources and construction accommodation sites.
Canaria TechnologiesPredictive biometric systems for dual real-time prediction of heat exhaustion and cognitive fatigue in the resources sector.
Consilium TechnologyUtilises AI to develop products of modelling, simulation and data analytics.
Dash ToolsEnables maintainers of machines to undertake many diagnostic tests without the need for them to be within the footprint of the machine.
Digital Content Analysis Technology LtdCombines analytics and AI technologies with software and systems knowledge to realise value to customers worldwide.
Digital Twinning AustraliaEmpowers clients to effectively harness, visualise and exploit key data that the evolution of the Internet of Things has afforded.
Dynamic TrayAims to address all operational challenges of existing mining truck trays on the market.
Exodus Space SystemsWorking on a new, versatile and scalable solution for Space Debris.
Fleet SpaceBuilds and operates constellations of small satellites equipped with advanced communications payloads to deliver multi-network wireless IoT connectivity.
INX SoftwareCreates solutions driving the creation of safer, smarter and sustainable workplaces.
IPACSUtilises IT infrastructure management, asset data management, analytics and dashboards to provide real-time feedback on the performance of critical assets.
LiveMine SolutionsMobile solution for the underground mining industry to collect operational data directly at the source in real time.
MX3 DiagnosticsUses a saliva sample from the tip of the tongue to take lab grade measurements in seconds.
NexxisDevelops custom robotic, finance and support solutions for a variety of engineering industries.
OreFoxProvides AI-based geological data analytics to mining and exploration companies.
Ping ServicesRecords changes in wind turbine acoustic signatures to continuously monitor the health of wind turbine blades.
Portable PPBDeveloped a working prototype product that allows gold analysis in the field.
Rig TechnologiesDeveloping a portfolio of rig-based and downhole instrumentation allowing for real-time drilling optimisation and formation evaluation for reverse circulation (RC) drilling.
Radix GeoUses analytics and machine learning to provide solutions to the oil and gas and mining sectors.
Raptor TechSpecialises in telemetry, automation and machine learning to provide technology management services to heavy industry.
Resolution SystemsIntegrates business improvement, a powerful technology stack and operational analytics, to a deliver large increase in value to asset-intensive industries.
RoboriggerUtilises IoT applications to reduce hazards and risk by keeping construction loads under control and people away from the load.
Soter AnalyticsWearable solutions & AI-driven coaching programs to prevent back & shoulder injuries in the workplace and improve ergonomic safety.
Space IndustriesAims to produce resources that are classified as critical to sustaining life on Earth and in Space, the target resources are Water on the Moon and Mars as well as Helium-3 for Earth.
Tan NinetyServices the mining industry in a variety of areas from project management, advisory services and deployment of proprietary software.
TAU5 Pty LtdProvides productivity optimisation solutions for mining industries, project and asset management, and document development.
TekumaDeveloped a force-based, six-degrees of freedom control orb module for drones, robots and other devices.
Universal Field RobotsDevelops autonomous robots to provide solutions for delivery handling, refuelling of automatic vehicles, solar farm construction and mining.
Western AirProvides solutions and packaging Booster compressors for the mineral exploration and O&G industries.


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Picture of Sebastian Tofts-Len

Sebastian Tofts-Len

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