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Marcus Holmes

Sam Ritchie, who runs the iOS dev meetup group, is offering a one-day course on iOS development in Swift on the 17th April, and offering //SN readers a discount!

Swift is a new programming language designed by Apple to power the next generation of iOS and OS X apps, and the forthcoming 1.2 release includes significant improvements that should unblock adoption for most teams still using Objective-C.

Local mobile expert Sam Ritchie is running a full-day Swift iOS workshop at spacecubed on the 17th April, which will introduce Swift language concepts, patterns and best practices, including a mixture of practical and theoretical content. Suitable for people with some prior development experience, it will provide participants with a solid grasp of Swift’s benefits and capabilities.

Go here to book a seat:

//SN readers can get 15% off by the simple application of the discount code: STARTUP

While this course will benefit anyone trying to get to grips with iOS and Swift, it is biased towards coders with little experience of iOS rather than Objective-C coders interested in Swift. So if you’ve been wanting to get into mobile development for a while, this could be your opportunity.

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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