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‘S*&t the bed’ goes mild at Woolies

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
Renae Bunster
// // Renae Bunster has finally won a spot on Woolies' shelves (and a new TV show) thanks to a name change...

Hold onto your hats because Renae Bunster, the ‘Hot Sauce Queen’ from WA, is making waves that are hotter than a summer’s day in the outback.

After copping a few rejections, Renae’s fiery sauces have finally scored a spot on the shelves of none other than Woolworths, plus she’s also set to share the screen with none other than Gordon Ramsay in a brand new TV show.

A fair shake of the sauce bottle

Renae, the genius behind the legendary ‘S&@t the Bed’ hot sauce, has become a household name in the USA, where it’s the #1 selling hot sauce on Amazon. However, our very own Woolies, being all family-friendly and such, put their foot down over the spicy moniker. So, Renae whipped up a brand-new extra hot sauce just for Woolworths, calling it simply ‘Bunsters Pretty Hot’ sauce.

OK, not such a great name, but it’s passed the mustard.

But, there’s more sizzle in this sauce saga. Renae is taking her fiery goodness to the good ol’ U.S. of A, as Walmart has now invited her to strut her stuff in their range. To make this happen, Renae’s used Birchal equity crowdfunding, and she’s got previous backers sitting pretty with shares soaring by a whopping 200%.

Now, Renae wants you to know that while ‘Pretty Hot’ may not make you “S#@t the Bed” (thankfully!), it’s still a ripper of a sauce, packing a punch at 9/10 on the heat scale. Sorry, Tabasco and Franks, you’ve got new competition, and it’s dinky-di WA-made, full of fresh chillies, and bursting with flavor.

'S*&t the bed' goes mild at Woolies

Renae’s even got her ready-to-drink cocktails in First Choice liquor stores, owned by Coles. No false advertising here, folks – her products do exactly what they say on the tin, err, bottle.

Now, don’t go thinking Renae’s all hot sauce and no laughs. She’s got a wicked sense of humour, suggesting names like ‘Stinky Fart Beer’ and ‘Black Teeth Shiraz’ for her future products. But, as she says, “Ha ha jokes, just jokes.” This Aussie sense of humour has won her a legion of fans, including big-shot celebs like Natalie Portman, Sean Evans, and Italia Ricci.

And just when you thought Renae couldn’t get any more legendary, Channel 9 plonked her face all over their telly promos during The Block. She’s joining Gordon Ramsay’s new Aussie show, Food Stars, bringing her expertise and fiery flavour to the screen. Renae describes Ramsay as a “teenage boy with Tourette’s and ADHD” on the box – sparks will fly.

The tousled haired bad language Pom was shocked by the name, but loves it of course.

So, there you have it, folks. Renae Bunster, the Hot Sauce Queen, is spicing up Woolies, America, and our screens, all while keeping us entertained with her cheeky Aussie humour. She’s the real deal, and we’re all in for a tasty ride with her fiery creations.


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