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Perth startup Spatula acquired by Irish company WeBringg

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//SN EXCLUSIVE: Perth-based Spatula has been acquired by Irish tech business WeBringg., the Perth grown delivery tracking app has been acquired by WeBringg, a Dublin-based delivery tracking company.

With the acquisition in the bag, Perth’s Spatula team are now in Ireland working on integrating the two companies over the next two weeks.

They will further develop the technology and explore opportunities to collaborate with the University of Western Australia (UWA).

The company first discovered the idea behind Spatula whilst researching delivery technologies to look for an edge over their competitors.

Spatula is a cloud based platform that manages delivery services and live tracking. It allows service coordinators and call centre staff to view mapped out locations of drivers in real time.

Perth startup Spatula acquired by Irish company WeBringg

WeBringg CEO, Sean Murray believes that Spatula will allow Webringg to improve what they bring to the table.

“This is a great milestone for the team after years of dedication to building world-class technology,” Spatula founder and CEO, Andrew Walker told Startup News.

“Perth has been great for growing a talented tech team, but it’s paid off to look beyond local markets and local investors for the right sales and investment opportunities.”

WeBringg operates in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.

According to Logistics Bureau, omni-channel retail has increased the demand for last-mile resources allowing consumers, service coordinators and call centre staff ease and flexibility.

Spatula has been an innovating partner with UWA Innovation Quarter since early 2017 and was the first company to move into the new Innovation Quarter Exchange co-working space.

Andrew said that the relationship with UWA has provided a great environment for the Spatula team to work at.

“We’ve also had unique early access to top talent through our involvement with classes and student projects at the school of computer science” he added.


FEATURE IMAGE: Andrew Walker (left) and the Spatula team. Embedded image: Spatula together with their WeBringg colleagues.

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