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Own a piece of Rewalty for $50

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Desiree Durrani
// // Perth's Rewalty is offering you the chance to own a part of the company in its effort to expand over east.

WA-based Rewalty, Australia’s first blockchain-based loyalty food ordering app, is embarking on a crowdfunding campaign via Birchal as part of its plans to expand over to the Eastern states later in the year.

In a food delivery universe of convenient options and high delivery fees, this is something Rewalty believe will offer sustainable fees for merchants, and a positive knock-on effect for consumers.

This is an opportunity for avid investors and everyday people to own a piece of a WA startup. Within two months of launch, Rewalty has built a network of more than 150 merchants and generated a consolidated review of over $60,000 while offering fees capped at 10%.

In addition to its low fees, Rewalty offers a loyalty program that rewards users for uploading food photos, online ordering which gives consumers options on how to receive their food, EFTPOS terminals and a point-of-sale (POS) system.

Rewalty CEO Kevin Coutinho said this was the main reason why 65% of Australian restaurants and 90% of cafes do not make use of online ordering apps.

More people than ever are eating at home, and we’re providing economically feasible solutions to merchants who don’t want to miss out on market trends.

with the help of investors, we can expand interstate and continue to develop our tech innovation

Rewalty CEO Kevin Coutinho

Rewalty has now opened its crowd source funding (CSF) offer to the public. CSF enables small and medium enterprises to scale up with the help of experienced investors and everyday Australians.

Own a piece of Rewalty for $50
Rewalty app aims to give a better deal for businesses, delivery people and customers. Image Supplied.

What makes Rewalty different?

Rewalty goes beyond a simple ordering app, with a heavy focus on customer loyalty. Consumers are rewarded with every order through loyalty points that can be spent at any restaurant within the Rewalty network.

As businesses adapt to online ordering, many are left paying high commission rates to the larger, well-known food delivery platforms and left with little to no profit. Rewalty offers merchants an affordable 10% commission fee (as opposed to 30% or so charged by others), ensuring businesses can earn more via delivery. Unlike other food-ordering apps which take out heavy rates from their delivery drivers’ cut, Rewalty takes no commission from drivers at all.

With the industry’s lowest commission rates for both merchants and riders, Rewalty aims to prioritise the success of the businesses within their network and due to their low commission fee, customers save money.

The WA startup also includes a social media engine that encourages customers to share photos of their food orders for others to see. Restaurants can then use this to improve and promote their menus.

Customers can submit reviews on the app, watch marketed ads from different restaurants, and refer friends and family. This allows customers to gain yet more loyalty points.

Social media aims to keep customers connected, minimise marketing costs and increase overall sales for merchants.

While a new player in the highly competitive food-ordering industry, Rewalty feels it can attract businesses with its unique marketing features and generously low rates.

The Rewalty app is available on the App Store and Google Play store, and is eager to welcome merchants and everyday Aussies to their network.

Where can I invest?

You can find out more information through their Birchal link here. You can put any sum of money in, starting from $50.

To read more about Rewalty, visit their website or view their second pitch video.


Note: Startup News does not endorse the crowd funding campaign in any way, and investors are urged to do their own independent research.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

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