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Purposeful launches careers podcast

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Desiree Durrani
The Lost Button podcast
// // The future is bright for young people, with two WA young change makers leading the way.

The future can be daunting, especially for young people – but that is about to change, believes Purposeful founder Elizabeth Knight.

Her new project is The Lost Button, a podcast created by Purposeful aimed specifically at young Aussies trying to figure out their future, including career pathways.

Hosted by herself and Conor McLaughlin, the new series is a response to the many challenges and pressures students are facing when deciding on the right future path for them. 

Purposeful launches careers podcast
The Lost Button Co-hosts, Conor McLaughlin and Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth created The Lost Button in response to the increasing difficult challenges and anxieties that young people face in Australia when it comes deciding what to do next after school in a constantly evolving world. A problem she herself faced on graduation.

(Young people) have no one other than Google to turn to for reliable or relevant advice to help get them unstuck

We created The Lost Button as an antidote to their uncertainty, to give students something to fall back on whenever they are feeling lost or overwhelmed, to remind them of who they are and redirect them towards career and life paths they are passionate about.

Elizabeth Knight, Founder of Purposeful and Co-host of the Lost Button

The pod is set to disrupt the current model of careers advice, which Elizabeth believes is failing to prepare students for the future of work and the increasing complexity of finding purpose and passion in their careers. 

Each episode tackles a different challenge young people are facing, from finding a job they are passionate about, to managing stress and early-career burnout. 

Co-host Conor McLaughlin said the podcast featured honest and authentic interviews with young people who are ‘working it out’.

Many students feel immense pressure to have the perfect career path planned out, and to be successful. But what if that plan doesn’t happen? We didn’t just want to share success stories, we wanted to hear from young people who are working it out, to show students that they’re not alone.

Conor McLaughlin, Co-Host of the Lost Button

The podcast is one of many new innovations and programs from ed-tech startup Purposeful. From partnerships with innovative high schools to on-demand careers advice services, the company, which likens itself to the ‘cooler cousin’ of traditional careers counselling, has worked with 5,000+ students in the last 18 months.

Whether you are a young person starting a new chapter in life, like graduating from high school or university, searching for a meaningful career path or unsure how to find a job you are passionate about, there’s something for you in The Lost Button.

The Lost Button is now ready for you to stream on every major podcast platform, including Apple Music and Spotify. and also has a website The Lost

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

When not working on a creative project or typing away behind a screen, Desiree can be found watching the football (the round one!), volunteering at motorsport events in Western Australia or listening to "Rock DJ" on repeat.
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