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Michael Tucak, Independent Candidate

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Michael Tucak is a lawyer who’s been around the startup scene a while, and is standing for election on Saturday including startup policies in his platform. We had to find out more.

We all hoped that startups and innovation would become an election issue, spurred on by WWW2017 and the mining bust. But that didn’t happen, instead it seems the election is about the road to nowhere and punishing the Libs for spending all the mining money on public infrastructure projects.

Michael Tucak, Independent Candidate

But that doesn’t mean that startups and innovation shouldn’t be an election issue. To diversify the economy successfully, the government does need to get involved. Luckily there’s more than a few people who agree, and one of them was brave enough to stand for election himself.

Michael Tucak is a creative industry lawyer who has been supporting creative artists (sometimes for free), and has been involved in the creative community around Perth for years. His bio on his site looks impressively artistic for a lawyer.

Michael’s policies on startups are in line with StartupWA’s published wish-list of policies, so at least someone’s been reading their documents. We asked him about his policies and he replied:

My StartUp Policy is here:  and my Community Policy includes my commitment to trial block-chain (which is what Flux Party are pushing for) if I’m elected. My Health policy looks a lot at ‘digital health’ which allows good scope for StartUps, and my Jobs & Industry policy focuses on the transitions we need to start making in WA, using StartUps to lead that.

My Transport policy also draws on StartUps, in things like journey planner apps or similar being sourced from StartUps or Hackathons, ditto with Environment (shark apps and systems development) and Education (coding in schools), Energy (micro-grids etc). I see the potential for WA government to draw on the unique drive and ability to execute that StartUps have, for the benefit of the whole state.

You can see all my policies, openly and honestly, on my site:

Michael is urging everyone to vote “below the line”, to avoid getting caught by preference deals. Spending a few extra minutes to make it truly your vote is worth it (we agree).

We think Michael would be a great addition to the Upper House, and wish him the best of luck on Saturday.

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