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Looking for a Co-Working Space in Perth?

Miles Burke
Miles Burke

Since our first list of Perth co-working spaces was published, we’ve received great interest and feedback.

The original list, published in August, has now been significantly updated, thanks to suggestions from our readers, as well as contributions from people involved in the various co-working spaces listed. We’ve added more details, such as rates, features and have mapped out each space to make it easier to find.

Where possible, we’ve added an image that shows the space, and have removed a couple of spaces that seem to now be closed to the public.

You can see our continuously updated list of Perth co-working spaces using the link below;

List of Perth Co-working Spaces

It is great to see that there are currently 16 different locations that you can work on your next big idea from across Perth. Co-working is a great way to save money as well as interact with various other entrepreneurs, creators and ideas people.

As always, if you spot an error with any of the information, or have a co-working space to add, please get in touch with us.

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Miles Burke

Miles Burke

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