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Innovation Bay Call For Pitches

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Marcus Holmes

Innovation Bay is a great funding source for Perth startups. They hold regular Angel Dinner pitch events that put startup founders in front of investors. The latest Angel Dinner event is open for applications.

The format is simple: investors buy tickets to a dinner, during which a set of pre-qualified startup founders pitch their business and answer questions. If the investors like what they see, then they can get involved in the business and take it from there.Innovation Bay Call For Pitches

The events have had a number of successes, some of which they talk about here, and the event is actually worth a shot for startups who think they could use funding. Remember, they’ll be looking for actual traction and proof that the business works. Idea-stage stuff doesn’t go so well in this kind of forum.

The pre-qualification stage is by video. Every applicant needs to create a 90-second pitch video, which they send in to Innovation Bay with their application. The team and angels select which pitches go forward to the event itself. It’s pretty simple, and the process of creating a 90-second pitch video is a great way to clarify thoughts and message on a startup.

You can find out more information, and create your application, here.

If you apply, good luck, and let us know how you get on!

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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