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HealthEngine expands dental reach via partnership

Charlie Gunningham
Charlie Gunningham
// // Together with dental software provider Centaur, HealthEngine is making a big move into dental practices...

// Together with dental software provider Centaur, HealthEngine is making a big move into dental practices…

Australia’s leading consumer healthcare platform, and former WA tech business of the year, HealthEngine has announced a new partnership with Centaur, one of Australia’s leading dental practice management software providers.

Together, they will provide online marketing solutions to dentists, following HealthEngine’s growth and success in the GP doctor market.

HealthEngine already reaches more than 1,000 dental practices throughout Australia, and this number is now set to rise significantly. Centaur services more than 4,000 of them.

HealthEngine has invested heavily in building a powerful patient network for dentists and in just the last 12 months has seen a 63% rise in the total number of dental bookings and 40% increase in the number of new patient bookings per dental practice.

“One of the biggest challenges our customers are facing is revenue growth which often requires investment in marketing activities to generate new patients,” said Kevin Joseph, Centaur’s Partner Network Manager.

“Through our partnership with HeathEngine, our customers can now invest in integrated marketing and practice tools … allowing them more time to focus on their patients’ experience and dental health.”

HealthEngine expands dental reach via partnership
HealthEngine, with dental

Established in 2006 in Perth, HealthEngine now has more than 6,000 Doctor practices using its online marketing solutions across the country.

Currently more than 7 million Australians use the HealthEngine platform
which receives more than 1 million bookings per month.

“We’re proud to contribute added marketing value to Centaur’s services to ensure practices are running as efficiently and profitably as possible, and at the same time, ensuring patients have a better healthcare experience,” said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director.

“Nielsen numbers show that HealthEngine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare site, and through this partnership to support the dental community, we further our work to bring primary healthcare providers together in one place and offer online marketing solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare practices.”


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