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Marcus Holmes

Gigger, Perth’s latest startup has launched it’s revolutionary gig booking platform. Gigger helps bands to find gigs, promoters to organise shows, and venues to host live music with its online platform. It launches with nearly 200 established Perth bands.

CEO & Founder Anthony Manning-Franklin gives the following example of how it can help promoters and bands:

“Typically, bands have to reach out to their network to find out who is booking shows in their city, meanwhile promoters have no central database of available bands. It might take them hours to hunt around on Facebook, digging up links to Bandcamp or Soundcloud, trying to find out what the band sounds like. WithGigger this process goes from taking a few hours to taking a few seconds. Just choose a date and Gigger brings together data from Facebook, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp so promoters can listen to every available band on a single page. Booking them is then just a button click away.”

Gigger was formed in mid 2015 by Anthony Manning-Franklin & Kristy Davis, and soon joined by Laith Tierney. Anthony previously ran direct-to-fan music distribution platform Farugi, ran recording studio Midas Touch Studios for 6 years, and played in several bands. Laith is booking manager at several Perth venues, booked hundreds of shows as a promoter, managed five bands, and sings in three bands himself.

Laith Tierney Anthony Manning-Franklin Kristy Davis

Between them Laith and Anthony have over 30 years music industry experience.

Kristy is one of Perth’s most sought-after UX designers. Her work has been used by hundreds of thousands of people a day, such as Gemcom (now Geovia), Cochlear and Nero. She is responsible for Gigger’s sleek design and ease of use, which is critical in a process as complicated as organising a gig.

Gigger’s mission is to empower live music with technology, as Anthony explains:

“The live music industry is one of the most technologically overlooked sectors of the music industry. There are incredible ways we can completely change the processes behind the live music industry, making it more profitable for everyone involved. Which ultimately means more venues hosting live music, more gigs, and more opportunities for young bands.”

Gigger’s API will enable third parties such as Gig Guides and Events Apps to access Gigger’s database, creating an ecosystem of services surrounding live music.Gigger Concept Image - Photo by Tim Masih - Taken at Sumo Sound Studios - Includes members of Sidewalk Diamonds - Arkayan - Deadlock - Archer and Light - The Morning Night - Fear is a Liar

Some promoters were initially concerned that Gigger would replace them:

“Promoters are one of Gigger’s most important users. A lot of our features are based around making a promoters life easier – like automated worksheets that you can send to every band member with a single click. Putting on a show requires sophisticated emotional intelligence, a deep understanding of people and how they will feel, it’s an art we want to see flourish.” Anthony said.

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

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