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Easy Trace – A Simple Receipt Tracking Solution

Patrick Green
Patrick Green
Rahman Memon from Easy Trace
// This weeks Startup Story comes from Rahman Memon who I recently caught up with at Yow! Perth. Rahman has been working in the software industry for the past 18+ years and is the founder of this startup and the Easy Trace product. He has attended Startup Weekend and recently Unearthed. Check out his app, and say hi to Rahman if you see him around.

This weeks Startup Story comes from Rahman Memon who I recently caught up with at Yow! Perth.  Rahman has been working in the software industry for the past 18+ years and is the creator of the Easy Trace product. He has attended Startup Weekend and recently Unearthed. Check out his app, and say hi to Rahman if you see him around.

SN(Startup News): In 100 words or less, explain your startups purpose.

RM (Rahman Memon): YZM Pty Ltd is a product and services company.

At YZM we work with great ideas and turn them into great solutions. Our team of expert developers work closely with small businesses and help them optimise their workflow. Our services include process automisation, custom software development and mobile applications.

We have recently released our first cloud based product, Easy Trace, a simple receipt tracking solution.

If you are tired of losing your receipts, leave them with us and find them when you need it most.

Easy Trace
Easy Trace

SN: How will you fund and grow your startup?

RM: We have started the company with our seed capital and plan to fund it with our services revenue.

We are also excited and optimistic about our product Easy Trace. We believe it will help us maintain and grow our startup.

SN: What’s so hard about your startup idea anyway?

RM: Being a small business owner we realised that it is quite hard to keep track of our receipts, especially for claiming warranty if something goes wrong with the asset. When we looked around we didn’t find any product that is cost effective and user friendly and has all the features we want. This led us to develop Easy Trace for all small business like us.

SN: Why would I choose you and not your competitor (c’mon, everyone has one)?

RM: We believe our product is simple, user friendly and cost effective. We have added features like Message Board which allows to add comments on each receipt and can be used as a communication tool between a business owner and a bookkeeper.

SN: What’s the most important tool, resource, person or anything that enabled you to launch your startup?

RM: We have received a great feedback and help from number of people involved in the startup community including Charlie Gunningham, Justin Strharsky and Andy Lamb. Also special thanks to Spacecube and morning startup meetup.

SN: What was the best advice you ever got about your startup, and who from?

RM: The best advice was given to me at Startup Weekend by Sam Birmingham, he said to validate the product idea before going to the next level.


 So if you have a receipt overload or can’t find a receipt when you need it, go check out

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