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Dark Stry launches Perth Murder and Macabre tours

Liam Wignell
Liam Wignell
dark stry
// // Comes as Dark Stry was recently announced as the recipient of a SPUR Location Grant from Landgate...

Self-guided true crime walking tour provider Dark Stry has announced the official release of Perth Murder and Macabre – accompanied with free social media filters – celebrating Perth’s so-called “dead period” – the awkward period between Christmas and New Year where the CBD empties.

The tour, which uses Augmented Reality (AR), is designed to shine a light on true crime events that have happened … anything from murders and robberies gone wrong to the controversies of capital punishment. Even stories of ghosts are told.

The Dark Stry mobile app uses current-day and historical footage and audio to bring the criminal past of Perth (literally) back from the dead.

Each stop is also connected with a hospitality venue across the CBD, and showcases the best offerings for any budget.

“True crime stories are nearly as old as the printing press,” said Erin Clark, CEO and Co-Founder at Dark Stry.

Humans have always been obsessed with dark stories, starting with murder pamphlets of the 17th century. True crime TV shows and podcasts are having a renaissance. Dark Stry is using technology for the next evolution.

Erin Clark

The murder and macabre tour highlights the gritter underbelly of Perth, with stories including:

  • King St and the biggest decoy in Perth
  • The haunting of the Piccadilly Theatre
  • Murder on the Government House dancefloor
  • The ghost in the Bell Tower
  • Perth’s most deadly serial killer … and the ones that got away

For more information, check out the Dark Stry website.

An alternative Christmas present?

Ms Clark said Dark Stry, inspired by “decades of crappy gifts”, has created a more sustainable gift that is the perfect solution for history, technology and hospitality fans.

“I literally dread Christmas gifts every year. The thoughtless boxes of chocolates. Gag gifts that go straight to land fill. The stress of having to battle crowds. Pretending to be excited about another unwanted present. So, the Dark Stry team crafted a product that we’d actually want to fight for in an evil Kris Kringle battle or find hanging in a Christmas stocking,” she said.

Starting at $20 and available until Christmas, Dark Stry is offering Santa Specials tours.

Grant recipient

The news comes as Dark Stry was recently awarded a $25,000 SPUR Location Grant. These are awarded to innovative startups that use WA’s geo-location data.

Dark Stry will use the grant to develop a new interactive self-guided tour of the Coral Coast region.

Other recipients included Kimberley-based Burrguk Aboriginal Corporation (BAC), who are in charge of the Banana Well Getaway bush campgrounds, located on the Dampier Peninsula. They are developing a plan for an interactive historic nature trail, and signage for the area.

The project will support cultural mapping and on-country programs.

The other recipients were Aero Vines, based in Perth, who will develop an app to gather key data for the horticultural industry.

Lands Minister John Carey congratulated the three recipients, noting the diversity of their projects.

“This Government continues to support small businesses and start-ups through the SPUR Location Grants Program, to help them get their proposals off the ground and into the hands of the consumer,” he said.

The grants are delivered via Landgate in partnership with the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI), Department of Finance, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Small Business Development Corporation.

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