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Curtin launches ‘build your first iOS App’ MOOC

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// // Curtin University have launched their latest 'Build your very first iOS App' MOOC...

// Curtin University is offering budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and launch their very own app through their latest MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)…

Curtin University is offering a course that will teach students to design and build simple iOS Apps using the Swift programming language and to understand the basics of coding and app development.

The free MOOC is offered in three stages through edX and now boasts an incredible 17,000 participants from the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and the UK.

The first stage outlines the tools and techniques required to build an app, while the second and third stages cover how to integrate augmented reality (AR) into iOS apps and how to prepare an app for the App Store.

“This MOOC will help educate the programmers of tomorrow, regardless of their skill level, to build their very first app in an easy and accessible way through its online delivery and simplicity,” Dr. David McMeekin said.

Dr. McMeekin, School of Earth and Planetary Sciences

“Technology is increasingly becoming a greater part of our lives and this course will provide the tools, knowledge and essential skills for online learners to build an app and take their business ideas into the digital age.”

Dr McMeekin said the MOOC can also teach entrepreneurs to communicate effectively when engaging software developers to build their app.

“There is often a mismatch in software development between what was wanted and what is delivered,” he said.

“The [MOOC] can give the entrepreneur a vocabulary and skill set to be able to have a more profitable conversation with whoever they are engaging to develop their app.

“I would encourage people to try it and see if they like it; there’s great potential to learn new things and expand your horizons.”  

The MOOC is available now and each stage runs in a self-paced mode so participants can complete it at any time.

The second stage, titled ‘Work with augmented reality and the web’, began on July 30, 2019, and the third course, titled ‘Create an iOS app from start to finish’, will start on October 8, 2019.

For more information about the MOOC, click here.

Photo:  Hitesh Choudhary from Pexels

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