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Club Soda Turns the Key to Ignition

Caitlin Paroczai
Caitlin Paroczai
// WA-based startup Club Soda sparked interest at Curtin University’s week long Ignition program, achieving a perfect score for their pitch.

WA-based startup Club Soda sparked interest at Curtin University’s week long Ignition program, achieving a perfect score for their pitch.

Having already pitched at Impact Seed, and then having completed the five-day intensive Curtin Ignition program comprising practical teaching sessions, expert clinics and mentoring a couple of weeks ago, Club Soda is quickly cementing its place in the WA social enterprise scene.

Founder Sian Reed delivered a stand-out 10-minute pitch to angel investors and judges including venture capitalist Bill Tai. Receiving a perfect score, Sian was chosen alongside two others as the best of the 63 pitches that had taken place on the final day of the program.

Club Soda provides quality alcohol free options at social events throughout Australia. Sian developed the idea while working as a drug and alcohol counsellor, realising there were limited options for non-drinkers in WA. She has since gone teetotal herself.

Importing alcohol free beers from Germany and other places, Sian ran various pop up bars at multiple events last summer, and is gearing up for growth.

Igniting Vision

Sian told Startup News that the Ignition program had given her the confidence to take her startup to the next level.

“It really helped me get the ball rolling on things that were stuck with my startup. I got access and support from peers and incredible members of the business community,” she said.

“Achieving a perfect score for my pitch was a massive achievement for me and has filled me with confidence.”

From a Spark to a Flame

Since completing Ignition, Sian has also been selected as a finalist for the SEFA and Macquarie Bank’s Kick Starter Program in Sydney which kicked off this week.

She has also recently launched Club Soda’s online store selling Seedlip Spice, a non-alcoholic botanical spirit drink made in London.

One thing is for certain, Ignition lit a spark underneath Club Soda which only seems to be growing.


FEATURE IMAGE: Club Soda at WA Fashion Edit on Thursday, 2nd August.

Learn more about Club Soda.

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Caitlin Paroczai

Caitlin Paroczai

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