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A Perth startup’s Hollywood break

Picture of Desiree Durrani
Desiree Durrani
// // Work Metrics has credits on Liam Neeson's latest movie, Blacklight

Perth-founded technology is making its way across the seaboard to international markets, with Perth startup Work Metrics making its first entrance into Hollywood.

The company was engaged to provide its flagship software to provide COVID-19 safety inductions for the cast and crew of recently released blockbuster movie Blacklight, starring Hollywood A-lister Liam Neeson (fun fact: the namesake for Startup News editor Liam Wignell!)

Dr. Jeremy Nunn, founder of Work Metrics says that their product is “used in all kinds of workplace scenarios” though it is the first feature film they were approached for.

With Blacklight it was all about steps for minimising transmission and to help ensure production can continue filming.

One of the interesting elements of the induction was the bubble system for how cast and crew engage both on and off set.

Dr. Jeremy Nunn
jermey nunn
Dr Jeremy Nunn of Work Metrics. Image supplied.

The business has more than 1000 organisations using OnlineInduction worldwide, with more than 2.3 million individual users through its platform.

COVID-19 safety inductions have emerged as a new use case for the tech during the pandemic commonly covering areas such as COVID procedures (i.e. how to properly wear a mask and remove one), daily process staff (PPE, site entry and exit procedure, temperature checks), contact tracing, hand washing and hygiene, procedures for people with significant community interaction and physical distancing (including capacity limits). 

Users included all full-time and part-time staff and all management, even the A-list cast members of the feature film.

To cap off their first feature film, they were mentioned during the end credits.

A Perth startup’s Hollywood break
Work Metrics mentioned in the credits of the film (circled). Image supplied.

“It’s a really exciting use case to apply our product to and it’s great for a Perth company to have that sort of exposure … hopefully there will be more movies we can help!” Dr Nunn said.

The contract makes for “fantastic exposure” for the Perth company, but it also marks a recognition of Western Australian tech globally.

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Picture of Desiree Durrani

Desiree Durrani

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