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2020 Incite Awards Finalists announced

Charlie Gunningham
Charlie Gunningham
// // Digii Social, Uno Group and SpaceDraft will fight it out to be named Startup of the Year...

// Digii Social, Uno Group and SpaceDraft will fight it out to be named Startup of the Year…

Twenty six tech organisations have made it through to the ‘big show’ on Fri July 24th – which this year will be broadcast live online – and the Lateral Incite Awards, WA’s longest running ICT Awards program. 

Chief Judge Celia Jordaan commented that entries for the 29th Awards program shows that WA’s tech and startup scene continues to deliver some world first innovation. 

“In 2020, despite the chaos of COVID-19 and our entrants needing to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, we received over 60 entries to the Lateral INCITE Awards,” said Celia.

“The entries were then rigorously reviewed by an independent panel of judges – made up of WA’s industry leaders, successful innovators and technology experts – to give us these 26 amazing finalists.” 

Celia Jordaan

The Social Impact award category recognises digital solutions that contribute to better health, welfare or education. Finalists such as Breathe2Go have developed a smart Asthma spacer and mobile app to help young children and children with special needs while InteliCare has used AI to support older people and those with disabilities to live independently at home.

Improving government service delivery is the focus of the Innovating Government category, clearly demonstrated by finalist entries such as SharkSmart WA – an integrated shark notification and response system app – and OneForce Locate, a solution providing near real-time visibility of frontline officer’s locations across an area covering 2.5 million square kilometres.

WA’s young innovators continue to impress with applications such as EduFarm – connecting children to Australian farming life via VR from students at Edith Cowan University, and Quoll From Curtin University which helps detect the endangered northern quoll species in the Pilbara region. 

“Congratulations on all of the twenty-six finalists for the 29th Lateral INCITE Awards and thank you for continuing to develop clever and creative innovation that helps local and global communities,” said Tommy Shin, Chair of Lateral Australia. 

“As a Diamond sponsor for the INCITE Awards, Lateral believes in the importance of supporting our local tech, startup and scale up scene so that they can contribute to and be key players in the economic, social and political makeup of WA.”

Tommy Shin

Winners and merit awards winners for the 29th Lateral INCITE Awards will be announced through a first of its kind virtual event in 2020, on Friday 29th July. 

2020 Incite Awards Finalists announced

29th Lateral INCITE Awards Finalists 

Innovating Government 

  • Modis – for their One Force Locate technology, providing near real-time visibility of police officers’ locations across the world’s largest policing jurisdiction. 
  • Curtin University – for their Visitor Estimation through Passive Wireless Tracking Analytics which provides an automatic estimation of visitors for Government councils to make informed decisions on city planning, place marketing, and tourism strategies.
  • Kinetic IT and  WA Department of Education – for their ICT Dashboard technology which provides staff from a WA Government with timely contextualised ICT information to support effective decision-making.
  • Adapptor – for their SharkSmart WA technology, a world first integrated shark notification and response system, providing near real-time information on shark activity.
  • Node 1 Internet – who are creating 20,000 kilometres of Fixed Wireless network coverage for remote communities and agricultural businesses in Western Australia.
  • Kinetic IT – for their PROTECT+ next phase of cyber security innovation to deliver contemporary security technologies, human intelligence and integrated support models for full spectrum protection.

Social Impact and Smarter Communities

  • InteliCare Holdings – for their lnteliCare smart home monitoring uses Al to support seniors and people with disabilities to live safely and confidently in their own homes.
  • markr – for their Markr Systems, allowing publication of virtual information anywhere in the world with markr through a content management system with information, links and images.
  • Breathe2Go – for their smart Asthma spacer and companion mobile application to keep young children/children with special needs engaged while their inhaler is administered.
  • InteliCare Holdings – for their InteliCare Ageing In Place AI Platform, a mobile app providing family members and carers a non-invasive, real time view of their loved ones’ behaviours and real-time alerts if behaviours change.
  • Curtin University – for Quoll, to detect and monitor the endangered northern quoll and a range of other species. 
  • PetRescue – Australia’s first pioneering national pet adoption platform with a mission to help save the lives of rescue unnoticed pets by connecting rescue organisations with adopters.
  • WA Country Health Service – for ‘My Baby WA’ – a pregnancy and birth app that will bridge the gap across our large state providing equal access to information and education.
  • DiGii Pty Ltd – for DiGii Social, an online school-based subscription, aligned to the national curriculum, to teach children the skills to stand ‘DiGiiTALL’.
  • Firetech – for STEM UnitED, a program to promote digital technology, develop the skills required by emerging STEM jobs and address the decline of students joining and graduating from STEM related disciplines. 

Transformative Business Solution  and Research and Innovation Project of the Year

  • TerraVision – for CASA (Comms Availability Spatial Analysis), helping mobile network operators and consumers alike better understand the performance metrics of any mobile network or communications infrastructure platform.
  • iSOL8 Pty Ltd – for their iSOL8 technology – a digital lock out tag out system using NFC electronic ID tags that eliminates the potential for human error when identifying isolation devices.
  • Roy Hill Holdings – for their Design for Excavation technology, an automated optimisation solution that sets a new, safer and more productive benchmark for blast loading designs.
  • TOKN Technology – for their Digital Transformation without Disruption to get powerful mobile apps, connecting your data, across all devices. 
  • Edith Cowan University – for VirtuWeld, a virtual reality training device that provides a learning environment for people to acquire the safety knowledge, skills and understanding of the physical task of welding metal.

Startup of the Year

  • SpaceDraft – for their cloud based web application designed to help anyone create & share a common ‘mind’s eye’ understanding of how any space (virtual or physical) can change over time.
  • The Uno Group & Co – combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, to bring consumer trends in the form of receipt data to life and translating raw data into actionable insights for businesses. 
  • DiGii Pty Ltd – for DiGii Social, an online school-based subscription, aligned to the national curriculum, to teach children the skills to stand ‘DiGiiTALL’.

Peter Fillery Undergraduate Tertiary Student Project of the Year 

  • Curtin University – for their 3D Reconstruction of Abnormal Viscera, improving the way in which a patient is managing the ongoing symptoms of situs ambiguus.
  • Curtin University – for their EXP Medical Imaging Tablet Application, a tablet application allowing the exposure of x-ray patients through simulation, allowing students to practice without including harmful radiation on a subject.
  • Edith Cowan University –  for EduFarm VR, allowing children to view and interact with Australian farming procedures virtually. 
  • Edith Cowan University – for 3DTel: A Web-Based 3D Visualisation Tool for Enhancing Learning. 


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