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The Return Of PhDo

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes

PhDo is a course run by Sam Birmingham, the father of SWPerth, as a continuation course for SWPerth teams who want to continue their projects and maintain momentum. In the light of the recent epic wins at SWPerth, Sam has announced the triumphant return of PhDo!

sam440x440We covered the original PhDo course way back in 2013 (before //Startup News existed in its current form!), and found Sam’s take on what was needed after SWPerth to keep the momentum going was accurate. Since then Sam has gone on to become Pollenizer’s Senior Startup Coach, so another two year’s experience in coaching startups has got to bring even more benefits.

Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Guru Mal Gordon attended the first PhDo course and said “While the business I was looking at, AdShirts, ultimately didn’t work out, the PhDo course was a great step for me. It gave me the discipline to face up to the hard choices involved and not shirk the tough questions, which I probably would have done if I hadn’t had the course as a regular commitment. If you’re the type of person who needs structure to excel, like me, then this course is for you.”

Lauren Trlin, the founder of local Perth startup, Buzzy, a marketplace for outsourcing odd jobs, said the course helped her refine her idea. Now that Lauren has launched Buzzy and she is getting some traction she finds herself still applying the lessons learnt at phDo. Lauren says that, “Sam made me think of ways I could bring my idea back to the very basics without getting caught up in the complicated technology. I constantly ask myself how I would have built Buzzy before the internet, a technique that Sam taught us that helps me simplify the business process in my mind”.

The new PhDo course is opening this month, starting with an open session on Tuesday 30th June at SyncLabs in Leederville, and then paid sessions every week after that for the following 5 weeks. Preference will be given to SWPerth teams who are continuing with their project, but everyone is welcome to come along. More information came be found at

Find out more at the SWPerth Reunion at Silicon Beach on Friday (26th June) evening at Sync Labs, 6pm.

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