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Learning Ruby on Rails in Perth

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Marcus Holmes

Bruce Werdschinski, CTO of Prezentt and organiser of the popular RORO (Ruby On Rails Oceania) meetup, let us know about the upcoming Rails Installfest event and why you should be interested in it.

bruce-werdschinskiRuby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for building web applications. Notable startups using Ruby on Rails include AirBnB, Shopify and Basecamp. Often abbreviated to just Rails, some of Perth’s most exciting startups such as Pin Payments, AgWorld, and Prezentt are also using it to create their software.

But what makes it so popular, and why do Perth startups love Ruby on Rails?

I built my first house as a teenager in the late 90’s. Inexperienced and overwhelmed I had to make choices not fully understanding what I was doing. Do the taps match the rest of the kitchen? Is this carpet colour going to match the walls? Fast forward a few years and the next house I built replicated the display home almost exactly. Professional designers had already made the decisions about colours and fixtures, why not use their expertise? They were the professionals who knew more than I did!

As a startup entrepreneur there are a myriad of decisions that you need to take when starting out. You or your developers are helped by Rails because the team of professionals behind it have already made a lot of the decisions for you. Over three thousand software engineers have contributed to Rails since 2004, refining and optimising it at every step of the way. What’s the best way to create and connect to your databases? How do we run background tasks? How do we set up authentication? Rails and it’s ecosystem provides answers and guidance on how to proceed.

As the organiser of the Perth Ruby on Rails meetup I speak to a lot of startups who have recognised the benefits of Rails and are looking for advice and guidance on how to hire more developers. As a result of this increased demand we’ve decided to focus on helping new developers get up to speed with Rails. Relocating to Spacecubed to make our meetup easier to access was the first measure. And now we’re working on events and speakers that will benefit developers of all experience levels. This in turn will help the startup community in Perth as a whole. After all, better developers means better startups.

With that goal in mind we’re excited to announce that Rachelle LeQuesne from reinteractive is coming to Perth to run an InstallFest at our next meetup on Wednesday the 14th of September. Installfest is a free community event that is designed to get brand new developers up and running with Ruby on Rails. Recently passing 1,000 participants Australia wide this is the first time it’s being held in Perth. We’re looking forward to welcoming new developers to Rails and supportting them with our monthly meetups after InstallFest as well. Held at Spacecubed’s newest coworking space, FLUX, the event will start at 6pm.

Spaces are filling fast, head here to take part in InstallFest.

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Picture of Marcus Holmes

Marcus Holmes

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